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Posted by on February 27, 2019

The average roof in the region was constructed using asphalt shingles. While traditional asphalt and composition shingles have a history of adequately protecting homes, there are other options homeowners are encouraged to consider when it’s time to replace those materials. One roofing product that’s currently enjoying a well-earned upsurge in popularity is metal. There are several reasons roofing experts recommend metal roofing products over other materials.

Style is Always Important

Many property owners are familiar with metal roofing that’s installed in large, flat panels. That’s probably the most affordable form of metal roofing and is available in numerous colors and a couple of styles. However, there are newer options that homeowners are now selecting to provide a more traditional look for their homes. Today, metal roofing is available that mimics shingles, wood shakes, and even Spanish tile. Regardless of a home’s architectural style, there is a metal roofing product that will provide an appealing look.

Long-Term Costs are Low

When people talk about metal roofing, the cost always comes up. It’s true that metal roofing options will cost more initially than a shingled roof, but that’s not the only cost that should be discussed. Since metal roofing lasts far longer than shingles and requires less maintenance, the total cost of ownership is generally lower than an asphalt shingle roof. If you’re really interested in having the best roof available, take the time to discuss the advantages of a metal roof with a local expert.

Enjoy Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The majority of property owners are always looking for ways to minimize their energy consumption. With heating and cooling costs going up all the time, it’s important to take whatever steps are available to keep those costs low. Metal roofing can help. When metal roofing is installed, there is an air gap included that effectively adds another layer of insulation for a home. In addition, when certain colors of roofing are used, the metal will reflect more heat back into the atmosphere, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Need More Incentives?

If you’re still unsure a metal roof would meet your needs, now is the time to schedule an appointment with a local contractor to discuss the pros and cons of metal roofs. The roofing expert will gladly take the time to evaluate your home’s needs and discuss how metal roofs can provide the look and feel you’re looking for. For more information, take the time now to visit our site.

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