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Posted by on May 18, 2019

You probably have heard that smoke wood affects the taste of your barbeque. This is actually true since it is scientifically proven whereby during the four full stages of wood combustion namely: dehydration, gasification, and pyrolysis, burning, and charcoal formation, there are gases formed responsible for the barbeque smell and flavor. Syringol is the gas that is attributed to the smoky aroma and Guiacol is the gas attributed to the distinct smoky flavor. Getting the right smoking wood, however, is really important. This is because not all type of wood should be used to smoke your barbeque. You should avoid using painted, stained or treated wood because they have been exposed to harmful chemicals. You should also avoid using old wood that is covered in mold or fungus for the sake of your health. Softwoods are sappy and contain terpenes that leave your meat tasting odd therefore are to be avoided at all costs. Reading this article will help you to choose the right kind of smoking wood for barbeque and give insights on how to use them.

Logs are the common types of wood used to smoke barbeque, especially in camps. This is because they are suitable for large offset smokers and in commercial settings. The advantage of using logs to smoke your barbeque is that they can also produce heat. If you are planning on using logs for both fuel and flavor then you should consider the type of wood to use. Get to know more from BBQ Chiefs.

Chunks can also be used to smoke barbeques. These are well suited for smaller offset smokers that use gas grills. An added advantage of using chunks to smoke your meat is that they are easier to find and buy, and they use very little storage space. Other advantages of this type of smoking wood are that it produces smoke quickly and that they do not need to be soaked.

Another smoke wood that is used in barbeques is chips wood. These ¼-inched woods are mostly used in gas and electric grills. Just like chunks, they are easy to find, produce smoke faster, and they use little storage space. When you want to prolong the smoke, you can wrap the chips in foil and poke them with holes to allow smoke passage.

You can also consider using sawdust to smoke your barbeque. Sawdust can be in coarse powder, or flat disks, or pellet-shaped form. Electric, stove, and smoke generators make use of sawdust wood in one form or another. The advantage of sawdust is that you get instant smoke. A disadvantage of sawdust is that they cannot be used as a heat source. It is advisable not to soak sawdust. Click here for more insights.

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