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Posted by on September 24, 2018

Either you are currently creating a story or perhaps reading it, your fictional character development is what turns the overall cogs of the story. In order for you to capture the interest and minds of your readers, as an author you have to devote an ample amount of time to the construction and the development of each character. So here are some tips you might want to look at for your characters in your story.

For you to be able to fully implement each character, you must first understand how they would act in a variety of situations. Bare this in mind that you characters, as far as yourself and your readers are concerned, they too are a living and breathing people. Try imagining your character’s own reaction when they accidentally run upon a snake or a rabid dog. Would they remain calm and collected, or would lose their cool in the process? By knowing such small details about their selves will shine through in your writing.

Also it is very vital for your readers to have mental image of what would be your character would look like, well of course you don’t need to dedicate a single chapter for your characters’ appearances. Just give them some interesting information about their physical self and then move on. Usually your readers would be satisfied about it, because it will give them a hint of who these characteristic belongs too in the process.

In character development, it requires something that brings completeness upon them, remember every people here in the real world aren’t perfect. For you to make your character to take part on a conflict, he or she must have flaws. With these flaws your readers are divided either they would sympathize with the character or not.

It is quite difficult and none has perfectly done it or practiced it, but try avoiding stereotyping. In creating unique character give you a hinge to make you as creative as possible. Well it is okay to gather more info from other sources than yourself, but, characters as much as possible should not be the same. You can use these information as a foundation your character then you can twist them to make it different from the original, check it out to know more.

Readers would lose their interest if in your story the characters has nothing to lose or to gain after a conflict. Because if your characters has already have problems in the beginning and it continues to increase in the process your readers would likely lose their interest. It would be best to balance out your characters lifestyle that your readers could relate.

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