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Posted by on April 20, 2019

If you are an internet wizard, you might have researched and found that a lot of countries have authorized the use of marijuana. Yet there are some of them that still practice drug test that discourages a lot of users from using either CBD or cannabis. Some of the tests done are mostly for THC but you will find some doing a test for CBD as well. THC free CBD does not contain any psychoactive effects that are realized in marijuana. You can be positively tested for CBD if you work in a place that performs drug test. Some of the reasons why most people use CBD is to ease pain, anxiety and also helps one to have good sleep. You will find some online stores selling CBD products such as CBD oils, capsules as well as CBD gummies.

You need to know how long CBD stays in your body if you are having any drug test soon. You, however, have to note that there is just a little info telling exactly the time CBD stays in the system of the consumer. Check out our website at to know more.

The study that was done showed that the half-life of CBD is approximately one to two days after a single oral dose. The significance here is that the body of the user can take four to twenty five days for the drug to be fully removed. If you didn’t know what half-life means, it is the amount of time it takes for the drug in your body to lessen by half.

A lot of the studies that have been done concerning drug test estimates that drugs are eliminated from the body of the user after five half-lives. The studies were unable to reveal the real point at which drugs can be removed from your body not to be sensed by the drug tests. Especially if you are going to be considerate of variables such as gender, size, age, metabolic rate and so much more.

Several studies approximated that CBD can take up to a minimum of four days to a maximum of twenty five days to be fully removed from the user’s body.

There are different types of CBD tests. Most of the employers out there are only going to do a test on THC; they do not, therefore, do a test for the use of CBD but the only test for the current use of THC.

It is likely that consumption of CBD isolate is not going to show up for drug test neither will it fail in cannabis test. You should be informed whether you are being tested for marijuana or CBD by the technician.

The other thing that you need to note is that if you are using a CBD product that has some traces of THC, it can be possible to test positive for marijuana particularly if you have been using that product for an extended period of time. Learn more by clicking here.

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