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Posted by on December 7, 2018

One of the addictions that affects millions of Americans is opioid addiction and as a matter of fact, the over use and reliance on heroin and prescription opiate pain killers will have a serious effect on one’s sleep pattern. Health experts advice and recommend that for one to experience overall mental health and well-being, there is the need to ensure that one has sufficient sleep on a nightly basis. As such it is a fact that if at all one is already suffering from an opioid addiction, then it is a fact that the interruptions in their sleep patterns can only serve to magnify and make more serious the problems that they are already experience with the abuse of the drug, opiates in particular. To get more info, visit opioid treatment.  It is as such wise enough for those who are already hooked and suffering from opiate addiction to find alternative ways to getting quality restful sleep as this will go a long way in helping with the need to overcome opioid addiction. Read on and see the relation there is between opiate use and your sleep patterns.
First and foremost, you need to note the fact that opiates typically cross the barrier there is between the blood and the brain and get to bind to the special receptors in the brain that are associated with reward. Continued use will often see the receptors change their sensitivity to the opiate molecules. This essentially ends in a change of the brain’s circuitry systems over the long term. This is principally the reason behind the many cases that have been reported by the users of opiates in effects such as insomnia or sleep difficulty, feelings of interrupted sleep or one that is not restful and the need to take sleep medications to fall asleep. To get more info, click opioid withdrawal symptoms. Besides these, they experience feelings of sleepiness during the day with difficulties concentrating in their day-to-day chores such as work or school, ever changing moods and emotions alongside a host of other psychological and physiological symptoms that have all been associated with sleep interruptions. All these can be traced back to the effect of the opiates on the brain.
As such we can deduce the fact that one of the most prevalent problems that has been reported by a majority of the opiate users is sleep problems. This be as it is, this is never quite well assessed by many of the medical professionals. Learn more from


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