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Posted by on November 29, 2018

Most people have a few pieces of jewelry that they were for every day, and some for special occasions. The largest part of any collection is the necklaces. This is true because what necklace is worn depends upon the neck line for the day. A V-neck t-shirt, for example, looks best with a necklace that falls just below the neck at the top of the sternum bone.

A longer necklace is ideal for fall sweaters, plain dresses, and a boat-neck blouse. A scalloped neck line is best suited for a choker. Chokers can also be worn with V-neck dresses and those that are worn off the shoulder. Multiple necklaces of different lengths and designs worn all at once are becoming fashionable again. Basically, people will wear whatever strikes their fancy on any given day.

Inexpensive Designer Jewelry

Pieces for special occasions are typically of higher quality than the every day ones. These may include gemstones, thin gold or silver chains, or pendants with special meaning to the wearer. Pearls are usually reserved for going out at night to the theater, a party, a wedding, or a corporate event. These necklaces tend to be designer pieces and are not worn every day all day.

People associate designer pieces with high prices. That is often the case, but it does not need to be true. New designers are creating stunning fine jewelry necklaces that are priced with the budget of an average working person.

Finding the Right Designer

Enter specific keywords into a major search engine to find websites of these designers and explore what they have to offer. The selection and pricing will surprise and delight most browsers. Give it a try by going to and comparing pricing on innovative necklaces to that of necklaces at a jewelry store.

Some new designers focus on trends that appeal to young professionals. Modern twists on classics, bold colors, and small stones are what the up and coming generation is wearing. There are also some designers that are experimenting with non-traditional materials, such as re-claimed wood, recycled paper or cans, and colored glass. There is something for every taste and preference among new designers so spend some time looking through websites to explore what is new in necklaces. Start at and go from that point.

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