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Posted by on September 7, 2018


The role of the budtender is to assist all customers, whether they are veteran or novice, in navigating the world of cannabis consumption. The term budtender is derived from a mixture of words such as bartender and bud. The job of budtenders is more complicated than what bartenders usually do. The fruitful budtenders have good knowledge in their store’s inventory and could speak in various nuances with each strain and product. They particularly work with clients to suggest the finest product that are based on their clients’ preferences. They may also ask the client on how they consume the cannabis and when was their last consumption, or simply what they feel after the consumption, so that they could suggest the finest product for their client. The budtenders are well-versed with the various types of cannabis accessories (e.g. vaporizers, pipes, and many more) as well as the very wide range of edibles, tinctures, and concentrates and could speak about the various techniques and methods of consuming cannabis.


Customer safety and hygiene are very important for budtenders. In terms of handling of cannabis, the budtenders must only use similar guidelines with the food industries – use tongs or wear gloves when they touch their products and also, they must tie their hair properly in order to prevent it from falling in the products. Also, budtenders would make sure that the dispensary or the building that they work into meets the standard requirements of fire safety departments and health inspection departments. The cannabis that is sold must be sold in a seed form so that it would never be sold illegally in the black market and it should be packaged and weighed accurately and safely. To know more about budtenders, go here!


The budtenders are passionate in taking care of cannabis and must stay on top among their competitors. Most of the budtenders include this particular element of passions and culture in their interactions with the clients which makes a more meaningful and rich dispensary experience. They would stay updated about the newest scientific researches and studies as well as the legalities of the system from time to time. Read more about cannabis at


The budtenders, too, educate and provide guidance to their clients about their products so that majority of their clients would have an enjoyable and safe cannabis experience.


If you want to become a budtender, then you must undergo schooling or training in an accredited cannabis job recruiting institution. Make sure that you are enthusiastic enough in taking care of the products and you must always display your charm to your customers all the time.



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