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Posted by on July 6, 2018


Crabs are not only one of the most delicious sea foods but also one of the most nutritious. Crabs come in many varieties. Some of the most common varieties include crab claws, crab legs, and crab meat. If you are planning to try out a crab leg dish, and you do not know how to buy the best crab legs, you can refer to this article. Outlined below, are secrets to purchasing the best crab legs.


Freshness Is Key


Eating spoilt crab legs can have dire consequences. It can, for example, cause severe illnesses. Thus, when purchasing crab legs, you should take freshness into account. It would be best to purchase crab legs that have been well-refrigerated. Additionally, it would also be best to smell the crab legs before buying. Avoid buying crab legs that have a bad odor or smell like ammonia. If you, maybe, do not have a strong sense of smell, you can, alternatively, check the expiry date. You should avoid buying crab legs, which are nearing the expiry date. The freshness of the crab legs you buy will determine whether you will enjoy your meal or not. You should, therefore, not overlook freshness. Check this website about seafood.


Consider the Size


As you shop for crab legs from Crab Dynasty, you will realize that they come in varying sizes. Typically, large crab legs tend to have more meat than small crab legs. It would, therefore, be recommendable to go for larger crab legs.


Pay Attention to Color


Color is an important factor that you should consider when purchasing crab legs at This is because color can help you to determine if the crab legs you want to buy are of good quality or not. It would be advisable to choose crab legs, which have a bright reddish color.


Take Cost into Account


Crab legs are sold at different prices depending on the type of crab. It would be a good idea to stick to the crab legs you can afford. You should, however, avoid buying crab legs that are sold at extremely low prices. Some crab leg sellers have a tendency of selling crab legs that are nearing expiry at very low prices. If you, therefore, rush to buy cheap crab legs, you may end up buying spoilt ones.


Once you have bought your crab legs, you should thaw them before cooking. Thawing will make preparation easier. There are many crab leg recipes you can try out. To have a delectable crab leg dish, you should choose a recipe that you and your loved ones prefer.


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