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Posted by on August 14, 2018

If an individual is looking for a luxury watch to buy, one obviously wants to be sure to purchase the real thing. Luxury watches are usually being copied worldwide. Some companies are producing replica of these luxury watches using very advanced counterfeit methods. If somebody offers a luxury watch and it sounds too good to be true, or is a once in a life time offer, it is probably a fake.

There are methods to determine the authenticity of an item. It is essential for a buyer to be aware of these things. One thing a buyer can do is to take the offered watch to a qualified jeweler or watchmaker that has a specialty in luxury watches or luxury watch repair. Also, there are some obvious signs a buyer can look out for to help save some time. Most luxury watches have very fine mechanical movements that allows the second hand to glide around the dial without noticeable ticks. Keep in mind that counterfeiters know this as well and have found ways to duplicate this feature of luxury watches. The next thing an individual can do is to remove the watch band and between the lugs at the twelve position one should see a registered design number. Also, between the lugs at the six position one should see the serial number of the case. If either of these numbers are missing, it is a fake.

Some fake luxury watches have a glass crystal on the underside of the watch that allow an individual to see the watch movement. Though this is cool, it is not a trait of a luxury watch.

Used luxury watch fakes that are gold will not be made of real gold, so look for wear and tear to see if signs of another color metal underneath. Real gold is actually very heavy and luxury watches are noticeably heavy compared to fakes. The gold clasp will be engraved with the luxury watch emblem. Silver color watches are most of the time made of Stainless Steel which is also heavier that metal in fakes. For more facts about Rolex, visit this website at

Fake luxury watches are increasing in numbers these days. Aside from being affordable, these watches are often fashionable. More and more individuals are getting interested in fake watches but there are still who wanted to have those that are authentic.

Don’t take the counterfeiters for granted if you are planning to buy the real one. Take the luxury watch to a professional to be sure of its authenticity before deciding to buy, visit website here!


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