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Posted by on August 14, 2018

You are most probably aware that used Rolex watches would save you thousands of dollars compared to the new retail price. However, buyers should be careful not to be seduced by a lot of fakes out there, most especially to dishonest sellers who would cleverly put up a misrepresentation of the description in their websites that feature used Rolex watches. This is a guide that will definitely assist anyone who will encounter such problem. Following these steps will significantly lower down the chances of being scammed.

There can be a lot of things that you may do in order to ensure a better purchase. However, you should consider this list as the most important ones: checking the reputation of the seller, knowing the model number, inquire for the first three digits of the watch’s serial number, and demand that they should be able to produce pictures.

The most important thing that you will have to do is to check for the reputation of the seller. In this way, you will be able to avoid possibility of scams. When planning on buying the item on eBay, it would be better if you check the feedback received by the seller, and make sure you look at the seller’s ratings in stars aside from the percentage of negatives. Just to make sure for your own good, it is highly recommended that you only buy from sellers who have 95% or higher ratings. Remember that it is always a good idea to ask all the questions you can possibly think of with regards to the item you’re purchasing by sending e-mails so that you can have a record of the whole transaction; however, it would be best if you call the seller before closing any deal. Click here to know more!

When you already feel like you are more than ready to purchase your pre-owned Rolex, you should probably do a bit of research just so you’d know which model number should be worth looking for. Then you may want to ask the seller about the number of your choice and see if it actually matches. This is because there are some sellers who would customize the watches so that their customers will believe that the watch is newer than the others. Visit this website at and learn more about Rolex.

By asking for the first three digits of the serial number, you will know what year was the watch fabricated. So if you come across two similar pictures of different watches and are offered to you at the same price, you should decide which one is better by looking at the serial number. An example would be a Rolex watch with serial numbers starting with “R86”. This means that the watch was fabricated sometime in 1988; while “S73” dates back to 1994. With this example, it would be better if you pick the latest watch.

You will definitely save thousands of dollars if you just have time and patience to acquire a beautiful timepiece that will surely serve its worth for decades. You just have to simply follow all these to be more confident whenever you wish to purchase. Click here to get started!


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