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Posted by on March 19, 2021

Egypt’s past, history, and culture are overwhelming and continue to populate our dreams of adventure and exploration. Who never wanted to go to Egypt and visit the land of the Pharaohs, the magnificent pyramids, and all those centuries of history? To plan your Egypt tours in the best way we have compiled the 5 attractions that you cannot miss on your visit to the country.

1. Valley of the Kings

To speak of Egypt is inevitably to speak of the Valley of the Kings. It is here, in the heart of Luxor, that all the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt are buried, the area having been chosen due to its favorable and mild climatic conditions, which allow better conservation of the mummies. It is in the Valley of the Kings that you can visit the mysterious tomb of Tutankhamun, which is open to the public, after being discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, in a famous episode that many believe led to the curse of the entire team of archaeologists.

But the best way to visit the Valley of the Kings is by hot air balloon. These are very popular in Luxor, marking the landscape of those visiting the country. Going up to the sky in a place so populated with history is impressive and allows you to have the best view over the Valley of the Kings. Breathtaking!

2. Pyramids of Giza

Going to Egypt and not visiting the pyramids is like going to the Vatican and not seeing the Pope. In fact, pyramids are the main reason why visitors travel to Egypt. Therefore, a visit to the Great Pyramids of the Giza Necropolis is a must. This set of monumental funerary constructions is a World Heritage Site by Unesco, the Great Pyramid of Cheops is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world.

The Cheops Pyramid will be the most impressive of the whole set, as it is the largest. Its profile imposes itself in the Egyptian landscape in a monumental way and its visit is mandatory. However, it is also here that you find the Great Sphinx, another of Egypt’s icons. This statue of monumental proportions, of a figure with the body of a lion and a human head, is generally associated with the Pharaoh QuĂ©fren.

Taking a guided tour on the back of a desert camel not only allows you to have a panoramic view of the pyramids, but it gives another pleasure to your visit to Egypt, as it is like going back in time, to Ancient Egypt itself. A tip is to take this tour at the end of the day to also have the chance to see the sunset. A surreal landscape!

3. Temple of Karnak

Egypt is a country of gigantic monuments, which make us lose our breath. The Temple of Karnak will be the one that will always win the challenge. This religious complex, which was once the largest in the world, has barely stood the test of time, but its ruins give it a special atmosphere, which helps to understand the passage of time.

The set of statues and monuments is impressive in Karnak and the difficult thing is to highlight one. The columns decorated with imperceptible hieroglyphs are incredible. It is no wonder that the temple was dedicated to the god of gods, Amon-Ra.

4. Luxor Temple

The Temple of Karnak may be the most impressive in all of Egypt, but the Temple of Luxor is not far behind. It may not be the size of Karnak, but the statues in the Luxor Temple are in better shape, having better withstood the passage of time. Its avenue of sphinxes and the obelisk tear the skies imposingly and are one of the best attractions in Egypt to record in photography.

5. Islamic Cairo

The Alabaster Mosque is the one that deserves the most prominence in the whole of Islamic Cairo. This mosque is incredible, both outside and inside. It is possible to visit it but remember to respect the local tradition. The mosque is located inside the Citadel of Saladin.

Egypt is not just history and the past. Its capital, Cairo, is a wonderful example of how tradition married modernity, assuming itself as one of the most beautiful cities in North Africa. In the capital, the past meets the present, and the tradition of architecture and that of Arab culture intersect with Egyptian modernity. The bazaars are a perfect place to stroll (and to exercise your bargaining skills, a must in any Egyptian market), the terraces invite you to relax while smoking shisha, and the mosques impress by the richness of their details. You can book Luxury Egypt tours with Luxor and Aswan Travel.


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