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Posted by on April 24, 2021

Arbor is one of the most trusted names in longboarding gear. They have been producing longboards for decades, and a longboard review will let you know that they keep making innovative year in and year out. With over 25 years of experience in longboarding, Arbor cut its teeth on the competition circuit first before branching out into producing consumer products. With a longboard review that examines their past and present longboard designs, they offer you the best of both worlds with their new line of drop-through trucks.

Arbor has a longboard review dedicated to AT crossovers. You will learn that these trucks are not the same as other drop-through trucks on the market today. The difference lies in the way that they work with your foot to give you more traction on the snow. The AT-crossovers from Arbor make use of a short piece of board that fits directly under each toe. Because of this setup, there is more room for the rider’s toes to move independently from each other, which is a big benefit when boarding.

A longboard review can tell you a lot about a manufacturer, but the most important aspects go unnoticed by most people. This is why it is important to read an Arbor longboard review for more information about the company and how it makes its longboards. There are several different models from Arbor, but the two main categories are freestyle and freeride. Arbor also offers a hybrid category that offers a bit of everything for the rider, so whether you want a freestyle board or a freeride board, you will find what you are looking for at Arbor.

Arbor is probably best known for being known as a high-end manufacturer of snowboards. They have built a name for themselves as the best producer of snowboards in the industry, so it is not surprising that they continue to improve and offer new products to their customers. Arbor has kept up with technological improvements in the longboard industry by constantly improving the decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and more to offer the best possible product to its consumers. If you want to ride better, feel better, and have a safer ride, you should definitely consider using an Arbor longboard, for more info you can check this post.

One thing that separates Arbor boards from other longboards on the market is their use of smartly designed trucks. Because a freestanding deck is heavier than a conventional board, the trucks used must be able to carry the weight. Arbor uses special truck designs that allow them to do just that. A heavy-duty truck is one of the reasons that Arbor longboards stand apart from the rest of the market. You won’t find any other manufacturer that uses so many heavy-duty trucks in their line of freestanding decks.

Another thing that sets the Arbor longboard above the rest of the longboarding world is its freestyle of freestyle riding. While a lot of longboards are designed with rigid lines in mind, the Arbor boards are designed for freestyle riding. The trucks are slanted slightly to the right, and the wheelbase is much shorter as well, which allows the rider to have more confidence while riding without worrying about hitting curbs or other obstacles on the way down the hill.

Arbor longboards are available in several different options, depending on what you are looking for in a freestyle board. You can get a basic freestyle set up for around twenty bucks, or you can upgrade to a heavier-duty model for over fifty dollars. You can also choose to have an uphill facing tail instead of a downhill one, which can give you more control when riding downhill. There are several optional extras that you can buy, including ride-through bottoms that allow you to carve through turns without having to stop sliding, multiple wheelbases, longer front arms, wide stance tires for better balance, and of course, the Arbor logo etched into the board for an added touch.

This company has been around for many years, and it is well respected by many professional longboarders, both beginners and experts. If you have been thinking about getting a longboard, check out the many reviews that you can find online about the Arbor boards and their many offerings. They may be one of the best boards on the market today, and your downhill fun will be the smoothest it has ever been. So what are you waiting for?

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