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Posted by on August 27, 2021

Many people with various specialties can be found on a construction site. One of the most important roles can be found in the bricklayer. Without them, a foundation cannot be built. There are usually several of them on any one construction site. So what is a bricklayer, and what do they do?

A bricklayer is a skilled worker, usually working in the construction or renovation of buildings and facilities. They mainly build walls, using not only bricks or hollow blocks, but also stones, plaster, concrete, ceramic elements and all other kinds of building materials. In addition to walls, they are also credited for constructing stairs, pillars, and ceilings. A bricklayer may also carry out or coordinate demolition work.

It is common for prospective bricklayers to graduate from some kind of basic technical school with a construction profile in order to obtain the profession, along with the necessary knowledge. Nonetheless, they have to polish their skills on physical construction sites. Every bricklayer must be aware of frequent changes in the workplace, because after one construction project ends, another one follows. It is manual work, so bricklayers must be used to lifting and carrying moderately heavy tools like brick hammers, chisels, and trowels. They must also be comfortable to ubiquitous dust and dirt, mobile scaffolds, and working outdoors, which may be accompanied by unfavourable weather conditions. 

Most of the work naturally occurs during the summer season so heat, rain, wind, and storms are all distressing facets of the job. The bricklayer must be skilful and resistant to physical exertion. Every future bricklayer must undergo a medical examination confirming whether he or she can practice the profession. It is vital to have good eyesight, hearing, balance, and healthy motor coordination. It is equally important not to hold a fear of heights, as bricklayers often must work at overwhelming feats, like atop of New York City skyscrapers. 

The work of a bricklayer is very difficult and holds a ton of responsibility. The durability and appearance of an erected building depends on a bricklayer’s job well done. Construction accidents, often caused by the negligence and errors of irresponsible supervisors, can result in the death of workers, including bricklayers. Due to the difficult profession of a bricklayer, there are not as many job-seekers willing to perform this type of work. This is not only a pity, but an economic worry, because it is a profession that constantly needs to be filled. Without bricklayers, there would be no houses, flats or any public buildings. The salaries of bricklayers are therefore debated amongst economists and employers.

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