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Posted by on May 29, 2022


PUBG Mod Apk is one of the most demanding tool in the world right now. The game is being played by every age of person and has become a revolution in the gaming industry. The love from fans has enabled the developers of this game to create it more loving for the world. Tencent has put so much effort in developing a new era Battle Royale game.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK is everything that you need to experience the best of PUBG. Many features are unlocked in the game and you will be able to do more in it. There are many different mods available in the game from its birth till now.

Features of Pubg Mobile Mod Apk

The PUBG Lite hack not only comes with all the exciting features that are offered all around the world by PUBG. But it also comes with some extra taste of what a user really wants to compete in the tough competitions when they jump among all 100 players on the island.

You can take revenge on highly unlikely players that are always a pain for your head and can avenge back your loss by using the following features that are offered in PUBG Mobile MOD APK:

  1. Wallhack feature
  2. Aimbot Configurations
  3. Unlimited BP
  4. Non-Stop UC
  5. Premium Skins
  6. Lesser recoil

Wallhack feature:

This is one of the best features that come in the package and that can allow you to bully or prank your opponents very easily. The wallhack features allows you to see through the walls and spot nearby or hiding enemies with it. It displays as a yellow or green appealing shadow of complete shape of a player.

You can see this marked player clearly if it tries to move, crouch or change its position against the wall. In this way, you will be able to know all actions of your opponent and plan your next move according to their actions. The enemies can never hide from you again.

Aimbot Configurations:

The highly demanding feature that can turn you from a newbie into a pro. It is often very hard for players to aim and get the best shot of their opponent for a perfect kill. So, here is a most needed feature in PUBG Mobile MOD APK that you can’t really deny. 

Using the Aimbot in PUBG Mobile MOD APK will make you shoot your target in such a way that you won’t even miss your fire. The aimbot takes all the credit and workload for your aim and it automatically keeps your aim to the opponent so that you can shoot the whole mag on your opponent without any misfire. 

Unlimited BP:

Each battle royale game has its own currency to purchase and get unique items for your gaming character or avatar. PUBG New State MOD APK comes with an unlimited number of currencies that enables you to purchase and get these mystique items available in the game without any hard work. 

BP is used to purchase simple items in PUBG, whereas with unlimited amount of BP in PUBG Mobile Mod APK, you can also convert your currency into another type to purchase different items in the game

Non-Stop UC:

UC is the most demanding currency in PUBG mobile game because you have to purchase them by using your money. This is what you get when you do in app purchase within the game from Playstore. But when you download and install PUBG Mobile MOD APK in your phone, you won’t have to spend any penny to get your desired items in PUBG.

PUBG UC hack enables you to purchase whatever you want because of unlimited UC feature in the game. Now, you can purchase whatever you want for free in the game. PUBG UC hack will get you all the UC you need in the game to purchase all the stuff you want.

Premium Skins:

PUBG game is all about battle and style. If you battle with no style, then you might not get much attention in the game. But if you battle with style, then you might attract other players to your glamour while standing in the take-off area or lobby. 

Premium skins are those which you can only get by purchasing them using your own money in PUBG. There is no need to worry when you are playing with PUBG Mobile MOD APK, because in this game you will find all the premium skins unlocked automatically whenever you want to apply them to your gear.

Lesser recoil:

Playing with style is one thing, but competing with style and skill, you can give a really tough time to your opponent. You will not only win but will also annoy the one playing against you. So, the extra skill that is included in this package is that, it also comes with lesser recoil with your guns and rifles. 

Aimbot and lesser recoil will make you a master of this game and you won’t be able to lose any game.

Graphics and Controls

With the latest upgrade in the game, the PUBG Mobile MOD APK has become smoother and give more elegant display of graphics and control. The control profiles allows you to create different control settings according to your usage in different situations or modes.

You can also unlock advanced graphics settings in the game. If your phone is capable of handling high quality and high frame rate of graphics, then you will be able to play with higher settings in the game.

Multiplayer Modes:

PUBG hack app allows you to play with friends and your loved ones to form a team to compete in the online world. You can use your skills and tactics for different missions and win among noob and pro players in the world. Also, it will enable you to use its features to win in an online world.


In this mode, your character will jump to your desired island from the options provided in the game. There are 5 maps that are available in classic mode, LIVIK, Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Erangle allows you to enjoy the country-like area by jumping into this island with your team players.

Miramar allows all players to jump into a deserted island and compete for the wining position by surviving for the whole time. This map is best for snipping positions and long-range battle with the opponents.

Sanhok provides a best place to fight and compete with the opponents around the world in close range battles using loads of assault rifles and Shotguns.

Vikendi provides a glorious view of a snowy island and gives you great snipping positions and snow range vehicles.

Livik, on the other hand gives you the experience of all four maps in a single one. This map gives the enriching experience of all maps to enjoy and complete all flavors of PUBG in a small amount of time.


Arcade matches are played in a time limit of few minutes. These matches include War, Quick Match, and Sniper training. These modes allow you to compete in different environments for your own skill improvement. The skills are improved in such a way that losing or winning in these modes doesn’t affect the overall progress of your battle Royale profile.

Zombie Mode:

Zombie mode was the most exciting mode for many players around the world because it enabled them to enjoy the taste of Resident evil zombies in PUBG. The player faces many zombies and bosses during the whole match and it needs good skills to win in this mode.

EvoGround mode:

This most favorite mode among the fans of PUBG Mobile, it includes many exciting features and modes that locks and unlocks at their specified time. The players wait for these modes to unlock so that they can enjoy its all assets to their fill. 

Gun Game, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Arena training are all these modes which are so popular that players have to wait for them to reopen and match with opponents to compete.

How to download:

PUBG Mobile hack apk package is very easy to download. The PUBG mobile MOD APK comes with two files one is the setup file and the second is the obb file. Both files come in a single winrar file and can also be downloaded separately.

It is one of the most downloaded game in the world. To download, just click on the Download button and wait for the download to start. Once the game is downloaded you can install it by the following steps.

How to Install:

You can install PUBG Mobile MOD APK easily with the help of following steps:

  • Tap on the PUBG mobile app which you have downloaded from our website
  • Change the install option in the settings and turn on install from unknown sources
  • Now again tap on the setup file and start the installation
  • Move the obb file in the android obb folder of PUBG.

Final Words:

Using the PUBG mobile hack you will be able to do all the extra things that you have been wanting to do. It is not very easy to compete with 100 players on an island, you definitely need some extra help for that. PUBG Mobile MOD APK will be the best option for you to play with the best skillset.


Is it okay to use PUBG Mobile MOD APK in my phone?

Answer: Yes, it is completely fine and safe to use this game in your phone. You will neither need to root your phone nor use any type of external tool. The game will easily install in your android phone.

What is PUBG MOD?

Answer: The MOD in the name means modified. This is a modified version of the game and with the current modifications you are able to perform various tricks in your game.

How to activate Hack in PUBG?

Answer: After installing PUBG Mobile MOD APK, you will get a special menu when you are using the app. During the game, you will be able to access the menu and can activate these hacks with a single tap inside it.

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