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Posted by on June 1, 2022

Last 7 years I’ve been working as a event manager organizing sailing around the world races.

I’ve been traveling for years in the most beautiful places in the world, all those places in the bucket list of anyone of us.

It was a stressful life believe me, because I was traveling for work and not for tourism, and had a lot of responsibilities.

But after all that traveling, thanks to the pandemic I realized that spending more time at home is what I want now.

I know that plenty of people is dreaming about a life like that: traveling 9 months per year, visiting the most beautiful places in the world – name one: Easter Island? French Polynesia? Fiji? Vanuatu? Brazil? Namibia? – meeting great people and having fun, but I can tell you that there’s also a backside of it: last year I took 150 flights in 12 months, sometimes I was waking up in an hotel asking myself where I was, and I had the clear perception that I was like living two different lives, one around the world and another one at home- for not more than 3 moths per year.

Once I started to spend more time at home due to the pandemic traveling restrictions, I realized how great it was spending more time with my parents and my family so took the decision to change life.

I’ve founded a Digital Agency specialized in marketing and web marketing for leisure and sport companies and moved to live back to Turin, my hometown, in Italy.

Of course I’m still organizing sailing races around the world but only for not more that 3 months per year, the rest of the time I spend it in Europe, with my friends and my family.

In this time companies are facing a huge wave of resignations, with tons of employees leaving work because the pandemic bought all of us to realize that even if you think that you have everything under control, you don’t.

Anything can change in a matter of minutes and all your plans, dreams can be swept away; we always knew it actually but we needed a pandemic to prove it.

And now that we have the proof, we decided there’s no time to lose, cannot wait to get retired to travel the world or save money to buy a house in the future.

People want to achieve they dreams now, and the “great resignation” is a clear indication of what companies need to do in order to hire and keep employees: its not a question of money- not simply- it’s more about the quality of your life.

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