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Posted by on April 19, 2022

The world of work is evolving faster than ever before. Few jobs are changing as radically as that of CFO. Gone are the days when being a CFO was all about balancing the books and getting stuck into data. Today’s CFO do everything from strategy to team management and fundraising pitches.

If you’ve been curious about the position of CFO, now is the perfect time to consider the opportunity. The diverse responsibilities of being a CFO mean that candidates from a range of backgrounds are coming forward. One of the most popular options is to become a part-time CFO.

Whether you live in London or dream of moving to the capital, part-time CFO jobs in London are opening up in almost every industry. We’re sharing with you everything you need to know about finding a job as a part-time CFO.

FD Capital is one of the leading boutique financial recruitment agencies and specialises in connecting financial professionals with companies that are the perfect match for their skills and experience.

What is a Part-Time CFO?

A part-time CFO is a financial professional who is part of the leadership team at a company. They take on a senior role within the finance team and are actively involved in the strategy and planning of business operations.

Most start-ups and small businesses choose to hire a part-time CFO to benefit from having a senior professional on their team without making the financial commitment of hiring a full-time employee. As a part-time CFO in London, you’ll often have the same role and responsibilities as your full-time counterparts. If the business is smaller or in the early stages of development, you can usually carry out your role within a shorter time frame.

Becoming a part-time CFO is ideal for those looking for a remote job in London. You could also benefit from the possibility of freelancing and working for multiple companies to widen your portfolio. Being a part-time CFO can help you unlock a company’s potential and build your CV and experience in the process.

Have you never been a CFO before? Working part-time for a start-up or SME is a great way to move up the ladder within the industry.

Why Financial Professionals Are Going Part-Time

At FD Capital, we’re seeing more financial professionals than ever decide to go part-time. Working part-time gives you the flexibility to take on multiple roles or to work remotely from home. You may be interested in a part-time CFO job in London to support you while working on your own entrepreneurial pursuit.

Whatever your reason, becoming a part-time CFO is easier than you think. Many choose to start out working part-time to build their portfolio, while others enjoy the flexibility that it offers. With the ‘working from home’ revolution in full swing, many part-time CFO jobs in London come with remote working opportunities. If you’re striving for the perfect work/life balance, a part-time CFO job may be the next step you’re looking for.

We’re also seeing a high number of financial professionals working part-time during times of personal development. You may be working for a large-scale company and want to transition to freelance work. Becoming a part-time CFO in London could be the ideal steppingstone for making this change.

Most CFO positions that are offered by start-up or SME businesses are part-time, making them a win-win for most applicants and companies. If you’re applying for your first CFO position, you may decide that part-time is the perfect choice for you.

Benefits of Becoming a Part-Time CFO

Are you thinking of applying to part-time CFO jobs in London? There are dozens of reasons why a career as a CFO may have caught your eye. As part of a company’s leadership team, the CFO is playing an ever-more important role in the daily business operation. No two CFO roles will look exactly the same.

Diversifying your CV by working as a part-time CFO can help you leapfrog to another c-suite position or financial role. It’s an ideal choice for those coming to the role from other industries, such as marketing or operations. You can learn the ropes of being a CFO without the stress of working full-time.

Many candidates apply to part-time CFO jobs in London because they want to transition from working for large-scale firms. If you have experience working with PLCs or Fortune 500 companies, you may be able to make most of your current salary by working part-time as a CFO in London. It’s one opportunity that you don’t want to rule out on your job search.

Are you someone who enjoys a challenge? Do you want every workday to be different? As a part-time CFO, you may be able to work with more than one company depending on your contract. You can build up your expertise within a specific niche or widen your experience. Alternatively, you may become a part-time CFO alongside studying for a post-graduate course or starting your own business.

Every candidate is attracted to becoming a part-time CFO in London for different reasons. Whether it’s the flexibility or career progression, you want to find a recruitment agency that will streamline your job search. Working with a recruitment agency will help you find a part-time CFO position in London that’s the right match for you.

Finding a Part-Time CFO Job in London

Are you not sure where to start with your job search? Finding a part-time CFO job in London isn’t always smooth sailing. That’s where FD Capital comes in. As a boutique recruitment agency, FD Capital connects financial professionals with businesses looking for part-time CFOs in London. FD Capital is one of the UK’s leading financial recruiters and works with businesses across every sector.

Whether you want to specialize in a niche or grow your portfolio, FD Capital will help you find the right part-time CFO position for you. Are you not sure if being a part-time CFO is right? FD Capital can also help you find opportunities as an interim or full-time CFO.

You can find out more about FD Capital and how to find a part-time CFO job in London here.

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