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Posted by on April 26, 2020

The cargo forwarder is a characteristic or lawful individual that offers types of assistance in the universal vehicle of products. It is an intermediary between exporter, importer and transport companies. Its figure is regulated in most countries, and its functions are defined within the scope of trade as mediators in international transport operations by any means of transport: land, sea, air, river or multimodal.

At “Freelance Shipping freight forwarders Brisbane” we like to apply the definition of “architects” to transport. We project and control the work of the different actors involved in the transport of your goods internationally.

Freight Forwarders: Strategic Partners for Import / Export Transport

The freight forwarder is an essential link in the international trade chain that will advise, organize and coordinate all the operations necessary to transport your goods to and from anywhere in the world, seeking the safest and cheapest means and routes.

Freight forwarders Brisbane coordinate the use of the various transportation methods and the appropriate carriers to transport your goods as quickly, safely and at the best possible price. Furthermore, we are responsible for administrative operations related to international transport, such as customs formalities, documentary credits, certificates of origin, insurance contract, fiscal representation, etc.

Our Freight forwarding customs broker Adelaide company is specialized in the management and coordination of international freight transport as a whole, and we are responsible for the entire transport operation, without prejudice to the responsibilities that may be claimed from each and every one of the carriers that have participated during the operation.

How Freight Forwarders are Classified

Freight forwarding companies are classified according to the types of shipments they manage, in this sense, it is possible to locate intermodal transport operators (OTM) and transport agents. The multimodal or intermodal operators are in charge of providing a comprehensive service, which includes the management of all the necessary procedures (insurance, storage, customs documentation, among others), to guarantee that the merchandise circulates smoothly from the place of origin. to the destination.

The Freight Forwarder then and now

The evolution of the market has transformed freight forwarders into “consolidators” of groupage of merchandise or loads of different clients in containers or other cargo units to make profitable the sea and land transport of import / export of our clients.

The freight forwarder designs, manages and executes operations of all kinds of special transport of oversized and rolling goods. And, in addition, it is in charge of all the necessary procedures for its execution: permits, checking itineraries, hiring the necessary auxiliary means (cranes, escorts …).

Currently, freight forwarding companies, such as Freelance Shipping freight forwarders Brisbane, offer their clients all the services of a Global Logistics Operator (and logistics warehouse), performing, in addition to managing and coordinating the international transport of goods, various logistics services that are complementary to transport. For example: storage, picking & packing, handling, packaging, insurance contract, consolidation, physical transportation of merchandise, customs and bank procedures, etc.

You can contact us at 02 8384 6581 or by email “” if you want more information about freight forwarders Brisbane services as a freight forwarder or, also, as a logistics warehouse.


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