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Posted by on June 5, 2021

The body is at its most vulnerable stage during the night. It is this time when it tries to refresh itself from all the stress of the day. Hence, the type of bed which is slept on will affect a person’s sleeping pattern and lifestyle. An unhealthy bed releases toxic chemicals and pollutants into the night which is taken in by the body and therefore most people complain about allergies, tiredness, insomnia, fatigue and lack of energy. On the other hand, hospital bed greater Toronto area  is made with natural and organic fibres which improve blood circulation, provide better air circulation, controls body temperature and adapt itself to the needs of the body throughout the night, providing a healthier and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Health beds are available in different categories and ranges to suit each and everyone’s individual needs. Its range includes –

Cooltex Range – The Cooltex range is sensitive to temperature and is designed using climate control fabrics. This range provides a cool and healthy environment through the night.

Natural Choice Collection – The natural choice collection is the most luxurious range even though it comes under the spring bed category because of its unique design. There are five different types of models built with the best organic materials and latest technology. The number of pocket springs for each model ranges from 1500 to 6100. This range provides the ultimate luxury firm and luxury support.

Health Spa Sleep Range- The Health Spa sleep range is a new range which is designed by using advanced technology. This new system is a mixture of memory foam and the usual pocket spring. This combination along with the Anti-rollover edge makes Health Spa Sleep Range one of a kind. You can choose between the medium and the luxury range.

Hypoallergenic Sleep Range – This range is a combination of pocket spring and open coil spring system. The fillings are made up of hypo-allergenic materials ideal for those who have allergy and asthma problems.

Freedom Adjustable Bed Range – The Freedom adjustable bed range is characterised with a back lift support system and comes with different levels of firmness and support. It is designed with the idea of providing the ultimate comfort and convenience featuring five level adjustable base systems. It is available as a single or dual mechanism enabling smooth adjustments on both sides of the bed.

With a wide range of health beds which provide more comfort and health benefits during your nights sleep, choosing the correct bed which meets your individual requirements has never been easier.

Senior Health – Bed Rail Risks

Before   you  persist on bed rails or use them at home you should be alert of the risks and a little history. You possible think their use over decades is based on safety yet history shows use is based on convenience and answer to circumstances. Their use is related to that of cribs for children. Like cribs they are meant toward keep people from declining out of bed or leaving beds unattended. The problem is the risk out mass the benefits.

Bed Rail Risks’ History

In the 19th century bed rails be used to restrain psychiatric patients then later on used to defend people from receiving out of bed and help staff preserve control of patient activities. Little has changed in the 21st century. 

  • In the 1930’s bed rails became a usual feature to keep patients safe in bed. Incidents increased where patients climbed over or during the bed rails resulting in grave injuries or death. A nursing deficiency post war increased the number of patients needing support getting out of bed (usually for toileting) thus increasing incidents connecting bed rails. Not much has untouched since many falls arise when people need to get out of bed to use the toilet.


  • The 1950’s led to the progress of the half-rail to help patients outlet the bed and reduce incidents. This helped but didn’t resolve the problem. They were also used to aid in revolving and positioning while lying in bed. In the 1960’s and 1970’s there was an growing nursing shortage which prompted their continued use. This included the use of other physical manacles instead of nurse observation. Basically, the same difficulty we have today.


  • In the 1980’s falls from bed became a hospital problem issue and when the routine use of bed rails became the standard of good treatment apply. This started to conflict with mobility during recovery although they still used unabridged rails on the aged to keep them immobilized. In 1985 increasing reports to the FDA of patient incidents, entrapments and accidents. Sparks controversy and investigation. 


There are many shapes and sizes on the market based on hospital beds greater Toronto area design with a couple of exceptions. Bed rail use needs serious thought earlier to being suggested or requested in any setting. Understanding their use and history will help everyone make better choices to avoid chance consequences.

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