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Posted by on May 26, 2021

Do you know what radar detectors are? You have seen them used in your favourite movies. You have heard them used in sci-fi and spy television series and probably you have seen them in your favourite action sequels. But have you heard of radar detectors used in determining car speed?

The year was 1887 when Heinrich Hertz started studying radio waves. Hertz’s experiments became the corner stones of radar technology as we know it today.

Through the years, we have witnessed the application of radar technology in a number of important fields. We have seen radar technology applied in many important parts of world history like that of World War I and World War II. Radar technology has saved so many lives ever since it first took breath.

Radar detectors are used in so many ways nowadays. They are used in military and research facilities and they are now used in apprehending drivers who are over speeding which is violation one of the important traffic regulations in all countries all over the world.

Monitoring car speed especially in superhighways and express highways or even town roads and streets is one great thing that traffic enforcers do because that lessens occurrence of accidents which are car-related.

So, how do car radar detectors work?

Radar detectors or radar guns are forms of radio transmitter and receiver rolled into one. Radar detectors oscillate electrical energy into varying levels which generates electromagnetic energy.

This electromagnetic energy travels through the atmosphere in the form of electromagnetic waves. This electromagnetic wave is increased exponentially through the use of a especial kind of amplifier.

The receiver is merely a transmitter but is reverse form of it. This time it collects electromagnetic waves and transforms them into electrical current.

Radar detectors are used to monitor the distance of objects in relation to a reference point.

The reference point is obviously the radar detector. The electromagnetic waves are sent through the air and reflected back to the radar gun which then measures the distance of the object at a given time. This is then calculated by the machine to determine speed of the object. This manner of using radar detectors maximizes what is known as Doppler shift.

Radar detectors are must-haves for today’s law enforcers to catch traffic violators. They are great things that Science made for the benefit of the people. But as of now, this technology is not yet used by many countries which make it difficult to accurately pinpoint car speed violators.

It’s a good thing that they are now used in many countries that traffic officers and other law enforcers can have hard data that can be used as evidence in prosecuting violators through radar detectors.

Radar detectors are available from many shops and companies. You can gain access of these companies online or by other means.

Radar technology is a proof that we can benefit so much from the efforts of our scientists and other people who engineered and perfected the radar technology by investing so much effort, money and time to achieve the goal of developing a true life-saving device.

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