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Posted by on May 23, 2019

Miter cut and bevel cut does not have much differences, they might look the same so confusion in detecting it obvious. But it is better to know the differences as these both cuts are used for a different purpose.

Other than 90-degree angle cut with the length of the width of the workpiece it is considered to be miter cut. If you require to have other than the square cut it means you are making miter cut.

Whereas other than 90-degree angle cut with the thickness of the workpiece is considered to be a bevel cut. Keep in mind that blade has to be angled through the horizontal plane of the wood in order to get miter cut. Whereas to get bevel cut the blade has to be angled through the vertical plane. When you aim to get bevel cut the angle of the wood or lumber has to be changed, unlike the miter cut.

The easiest way to determine the cut is this that a miter cut is angled cut that is visible on the face of two structures that will be joined to make corner whereas the bevel is referred to an angled cut that is along the edge or end of the workpiece.

You can have miter cuts for making picture frames, boxes, window seals, framing structures or door designs. You can have a bevel cut for carpentry, crafting and welding purpose. Though the beveled cut is difficult to achieve as precision is required in order to ensure accuracy. Also, you can use a protractor to measure the angles in order to achieve accuracy.

Either it is a miter cut or bevel cut, a compound miter saw is your solution which will let you have any type of cut. Though there are variations with the miter saw as well, you can further choose the perfect one for your job. Even sliding compound miter saw can provide you perfect angled cut either miter or bevel cut it is.

Hope our article will help you clear the confusion you have encountered. Once the concept is clear it helps in achieving the results with efficiency. So it is better to be aware of the facts as the right type of cut plays a vital role in the completion of the project. A single mistake can lead to the failure of the project. Each cut is used for a different purpose, use the facts to guarantee success.


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