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Posted by on May 13, 2022

DiCon has created LED technology with densely packed LED arrays, and DiCon Lighting has specialized in light fixtures for the architectural and entertainment industry.

The birthplace of sister company Kessil®, specializing in biotope lighting, is the San Francisco Bay Area, the epicenter of the greenhouse industry. The innovative ideas and specific experiences of three UC Berkeley graduate students and their collaboration with DiCon on different projects formed the foundation of the young Kessil® company.

In early 2009, the three university students successfully presented their business idea to DiCon management, with the result that they were able to immediately begin development and testing of prototypes of the first generation of luminaires. DiCon invested heavily and Kessil® very quickly developed its LED Dense Array, which is distinguished by the concentration of a large number of individual LEDs in a minimal space, resulting in broader spectral coverage. Kessil® employees include DiCon’s top-notch experts in the field of Optics and Product Design.

Each DiCon business segment is currently a recognized market leader in its respective industry. The company develops and manufactures quality products, deepens its knowledge of photonics through continuous research, as well as establishes business relationships by offering a comprehensive first-class service. 

We are delighted to be able to complete our own premium LED luminaire product program for the aquaristic world with Kessil® LEDs. TUNZE® Aquarientechnik develops and produces, depending on and as the only supplier on the market, highly specialized LED luminaires in PU resin, which offer IP-68 safety, in order to be used below the water surface of the aquarium. Underwater use results in a significant increase in performance with, at the same time, a maximum reduction in electrical losses. The TUNZE® LEDs, as well as the TUNZE® pump technology, are an impressive example of how the combination of modern technology with contemporary design in the aquarium can result in becoming a true work of art.

What does “Kessil®” mean?

K  – stands for Kelvin, the physical unit for color temperature.

E –  is the first letter of emission of light.

SS –  is derived from carbon capture and stands for energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. With a little trick it became “ss”

I –  stands for intensity and designates Dense Matrix LED technology

L –  stands for Lambda, the physical unit for wavelength and spectrum. Kessil® creates highly efficient and unique spectra


Total control

Kessil Ecosystem
With two K-Link ports and two 0-10V control ports, the AP9X can be easily connected to adjacent Kessil devices. Lights in a wired group can be controlled by the app via the AP9X’s WiFi connection. A single AP9X can act as a wireless access point for up to 10 X-Series lights and 20 0-10V lights, giving you full control over all your tanks.

K-Link + WiFi
Multiple device setups can be controlled via individual WiFi connections or daisy-chained to access up to 32 lights through one master device. Don’t want WiFi signals or interference? Turn off WiFi and control the AP9X with the built-in manual controls or the Spectral Controller X.

Full Color Spectrum
In addition to the popular Tuna Blue spectrum, users can add red, green and purple (violet + indigo) using the redesigned smartphone app. This opens up limitless color combinations for aesthetics while maintaining core spectrum performance.

Use Kessil’s newly redesigned smartphone app to organize groups, set schedules, add special effects and customize colors.


Redesigned optics provide an even distribution of light that covers your aquarium with up to 48″ of coverage. This uniform coverage minimizes hot spots and creates an effect similar to that of a metal halide / T5 combination. 


In addition to Kessil’s signature Tuna Blue spectrum, the AP9 features a full range of individually adjustable color channels (red, green, and purple) that can be accessed via the Kessil app. Kessil Logit TM ensures that cosmetic color adjustments do not interfere with the core spectrum, allowing users to dial in a preferred color without disturbing coral health. AP9 also includes 395nm LED chips, which emit true UVA light for maximum coral coloration. 

Efficient TORQUE

PAR measures all visible light (400-700nm) unweighted, but coral health is primarily based on the 425nm (violet) and 455nm (royal blue) wavelengths. Kessil LEDs focus on these essential wavelengths, prioritizing coral growth and propagation over inflated PAR readings.


Kessil’s signature glow effect gives your aquarium a beautiful, natural, sunlit look comparable to the glow of a metal halogen fixture, replicating your own ocean piece. 

color mix

The patented Dense Matrix Array allows us to install 55 LED chips in less than zero space. With 110 LED chips in two arrays, the AP9x has the best color mixing in the industry: No diffuser needed and no disco ball effect!


55 LED chips in a single array create a powerful light source with wide coverage. Maximum penetration reaches up to 76cm below the water surface for most reefs. Penetration can be further improved by placing the fairest units. 

Advanced Dimming

Mimics natural day/night cycles and moon phases with smooth dimming down to 0.1%, from a gentle sunrise to the dimmest moonlight. 

Innovative Design

Heat Management
The AP9X has a newly redesigned heat sink and efficient vortex fan that reduces dust and debris buildup, extending longevity and improving efficiency. Such an advanced heat management system also contributes to the low-profile form factor.

Stylish yet rugged
With design elements inspired by marine wildlife, high-performance automotive engineering, and the sun itself, the AP9 features a sleek, understated profile with an aesthetically pleasing touchpad. Not just a box of LEDs, the AP9 complements the natural beauty of a well-maintained aquarium.

Single Arm Mounting
The new AP9 mounting arm allows the fixture to be mounted with a single arm, the highest light spread on the market with a single arm mounting fixture. The integrated swivel joint allows for 60 degrees of vertical rotation and 180 degrees of horizontal rotation, allowing you to adjust the light to the orientation that best suits your tank.

Our densest array
yet Since development of the patented dense array LED array began in 2006, we have been constantly innovating and improving our technology. The latest iteration of the Dense Matrix allows us to place chips closer together than ever before. More chips in a smaller space results in better color mixing and a brighter single point source, more like the sun on a natural coral reef.

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Superior lighting

The new “hybrid optics” take advantage of the latest generation dense matrix LED arrays, mimicking the metal halide combo effect of T5 tubes and providing up to 120cm of coverage. The AP700 has been designed and tested to consistently provide the best spectrum and delivery for coral growth and coloration. 

Independently adjustable LED channels allow users to set a preferred color, while KEssil Logic TM ensures consistent coral growth across the tunable spectrum. 

The Kessil glow effect gives your aquarium a beautiful, natural, sunlit appearance comparable to the glow of a T5 tube fixture. It’s like replicating your own piece of ocean. 

Color Mixing
Different wavelengths are seamlessly blended within a single LED array, emitting consistent color across the entire coverage range. 

Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single matrix, creating a powerful, penetrating light source with wide coverage. Maximum penetration can reach 24″ to 30″ beyond the water surface for most reefs. Penetration can be further improved by placing units closer together. 

WIFI control

The acclimatization mode allows the user to reduce the intensity of the light so that the creatures acclimatize to the new light.

Lunar Cycle Lunar Cycle
mode reduces intensity settings to simulate natural moonlight.

Manual mode
Adjust your AP700 to any color and intensity through direct control.

Schedule Mode
Users can easily schedule a unique light schedule to simulate the daily passage of the sun.


Heat Management
Our innovative heat management system improves longevity and efficiency.

Full Color Spectrum
With the latest Dense Matrix technology, we’ve created our most versatile device yet! In addition to the standard range of blue settings, users can access the full color spectrum using our handy Kessil app (iOS/Android).

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