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Posted by on August 28, 2018

There are a lot of challenges in indie film making that most people outside of production are now well aware of. Some indie film makers go through creative hell and back while some attain some creative piece of heaven. This is basically how the indie film making industry goes. Choosing between creative hell and creative heaven all depends on the outlook of the film maker. You can expect to be in the realms of creative hell if you are not taking a realistic approach to what kind of indie film you will be making with just a limited film budget.

Every first-time indie film maker will always have these big dreams about their indie film making endeavor. The story always holds the same level of truth. Most amateur indie Short Film makers claim that their film is going to be an epic one with just a few people on the production crew and a few talented actors that are on the rise for the lead role. Of course, going after your film making dreams is a commendable trait. However, you have to be realistic one and for all, most especially if you are dealing with indie films.

No matter how creative you are with your idea of a film, you have to understand that if you only have 50,000 dollars as your budget with 120 pages as your script and your setting is the 1940s during the World War II requiring a lot of gun scenes, you are not bound to make your indie film work. This is just how things roll in the world of film making, most especially in the world of indie film making. Having all these hard-to-reach film ideations using Short Film budget that just cannot handle any of them will put you as the film maker on a bad spot.

The main issue with indie film makers is that they often are the ones who are creating their own brand of creative hell without them even knowing about it. Indeed, making movies even short films is not as simple as it seems. You feel all these stressful things coming at you, some technical problems, and of course, personality conflicts are bound to take place. Visit this website at for more details about video production.

However, never let all these small and big things that are negative extinguish your spark and passion for creating indie films. You should not let these negative things get the best of your dreams and lead you to create conflicts with other people with all your fears and self-doubt. Your film can suffer if you let your emotions and doubts get the best of you. When you think that things are becoming too hard to bear during the production, take a few minutes off to pause and collect yourself. Never let your fear and anger control your indie film making decisions. Just go with the flow and everything will just fall into place.


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