Back and neck pain is a plague on millions of people around the world. The treatments that are available for neck and back pain are simple at best, and can only heal so much. And most of the medications that you can take for neck and back pain actually cause damage to other bodily organs, meaning that you’re putting a band-aide on one problem while pouring acid over another problem.

In many cases, people with neck and back pain seek out surgery for relief, when things like medications and neuropathy don’t work out. This can be costly and can lead to further complications. After all: any time you go under the knife, you leave yourself open to countless predicaments. Surgery mistakes do happen.

However, know that CBD oil is an option for neck and back pain.

What Normally Causes Back or Neck Pain?

You’ve probably seen photographs of spines before. The spine is made up of a series of discs, which are made up of cartilage. The cartilage is meant to ensure that the shock of walking, running, and living doesn’t wear on the bones. However, as you age, the cartilage discs begin to decay, which causes back and neck pain on a deep level, in your bones.

Usually, this decay is caused by several factors, including a lack of oxygen, a lack of hydration and water, poor diet, and just general inflammation from everyday life 먹튀.

According to the Medicine of the National Academies, over one hundred million Americans are currently living with this back and neck pain. And generally speaking, these one hundred million Americans are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise known as NSAIDS. These drugs are probably pretty familiar to you. They include ibuprofen, which is just pain relief, or even valium, which allows your muscles to relax. And incredibly, ibuprofen is actually said to be the most effective treatment for back pain?even though it can often lead to stomach ulcers, constipation, and other gastro disorders.

Therefore, if you want to feel a bit of back relief, you’re generally transitioning the pain to your stomach, which could ultimately lead to even bigger issues, down the road.

As recently as March of 2015, however, researchers discovered a connection between cannabinoids and relief for back and neck pain. In the study, three different amounts of CBD oil was tested on some mice, all of which had a “condition” similar to that of back and neck pain. After they were given the various doses of CBD oil, the mice were given MRI scans to determine the damage within their bodies.

The mice that had the smaller doses of CBD oil had very little change. However, after fifteen days, the mice that had the higher CBD oil amounts actually showed decreased damage on a skeletal level: meaning that there are anti-degenerative effects when CBD oil is taken at a higher amount.

As a result, the scientists concluded that CBD oil could be utilized in the treatment of the cartilage discs in the back and neck, which could ultimately lead to decreased pain.

Thusly, there’s a high probability that utilizing CBD oil to treat back and neck pain will result in decreased pain, and even regeneration of those lost cells. This could lead to better enjoyment of everyday life, management of chronic pain, and better sleep due to a decrease in pain.

A documented case: the benefits, her experience, and her life after using CBD oil every single day for pain relief.

The effects of CBD oil on everyday people?looking to pay their bills and live a normal life like you, are well-documented.

One woman in particular states that after doing quite a bit of heavy-lifting at her job, she began to strain her back. The back pain became persistent, forcing her to stay home and stop making money. She couldn’t leave the house without assistance. She began to take heavy pain relievers, ones that zonked her out: making her dizzy, endlessly fatigued, and just foggy all the time. These pain relievers weren’t natural; they were made in a lab. Due to these heavy side-effects, she turned to more medicinal and natural pain relief offered by CBD oil?something recommended to her by a friend who was using it to attempt to control her anxiety (something that she found success in).

After researching, the woman decided to begin taking approximately 3000 MG of CBD oil per month. She began by taking 30 MG per day and found that, with this new addition of pain relief, she didn’t require any other pain medication throughout the day. Prior to CBD oil, she’d been forced to take pain medicine for her back at least twice per day.

Throughout the next few weeks, she made sure to take CBD oil every single morning, without forgetting. Within two hours of taking the 30 MG per day, she experienced no side effects and absolutely no back pain. She felt relaxed, finally finding the solace she so needed.

She also reported that, with CBD oil, her cognitive abilities were boosted, as was her overall mood. Therefore, the “side effects” of the “pain relief” involved an increase in quality of life, rather than ibuprofen side effects, like gastrointestinal duress.

Therefore, it is possible to completely replace your pain medications with CBD oil, eliminating the costs of lab-based products. It’s well-documented and relief is waiting.

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