This exercise will help you remove your unconscious money blocks and map out a path to shift your focus from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. It will help you start living the abundant life you deserve and desire. This exercise is great for anyone who feels stuck in a money rut or feels they are not earning their true worth.

Great for:

  •  People who want to create more abundance in their life.
  •  People who are stuck in a scarcity mindset and don’t feel good about their financial situation.
  •  People who have money blocks that are preventing them from having the money they deserve.


The starting point of all riches is the development of a prosperity consciousness. If you want to be truly wealthy in life, you must first achieve it in your mind 먹튀검증커뮤니티.

Both poverty and wealth are the result of a state of mind. The most important single step you will ever take on the road to wealth and financial independence is the decision to change your thinking ? to rewire your mind with an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your money goals. If you get this step right, anything is possible.

The problem is that many people have money blocks. A money block is “anything that holds you back from making the money you want.” This is usually an underlying belief or fear surrounding money. You may or may not be aware of it, but it’s there. It might sound ridiculous ? why would anyone be unconsciously preventing themselves from making more money? But that’s what a block is; an unconscious limiting belief that prevents you from achieving what you want.

This exercise will help you remove your unconscious money blocks. It’ll help you identify where you currently are, how you value yourself and what areas you need to bring immediate attention to. It will help you start living the abundant life you deserve and desire.

This technique will shift your focus to prosperity and feelings of high self-worth. It will make changes at a cellular level that will allow more abundance to simply flow into your life. Energy flows where focus goes.

What you will need:

1. The nicest notebook or journal you can find.
2. A beautiful pen that you absolutely love.
3. 30 minutes or so of uninterrupted time.


Use these 5 steps to help shift your focus from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.
1. Use the headings below as a guide to figure out where you currently are in your life, according to your own standards.

Cheapest on the market
It does the job
Even a lottery win would not encourage a change
Embarrassed to show anyone
Not the best but not the worst either
A symbol of wealth, abundance, and achievement
Feels cheap
Functions without being annoying
Reflects your ultimate goal
Broken, worn out, clapped out
Is not going to set the world on fire
The best quality available
Makes you feel poor
Feels neutral
Makes you feel incredibly abundant

Go through your life and possessions and categorize each section using the table above as a guide. Remember, this is according to your own personal standards and how it makes you feel. There are no right or wrong answers.

2. Highlight all the luxury areas in your life. In the example below, the luxury areas are Liz Earle skin-care products and Swarovski pen.

White sheets
Skin-care products
Liz Earle
Handbag and contents
Beautiful Swarovski purple pen

Close your eyes and step into that space of abundance, luxury and prosperity.
Use visual images, colors, smells, sounds, tastes and sensations to describe how you feel when you use each of these things. Stay in that space for a few minutes, pressing the tip of your middle finger against the tip of your thumb on both hands. This will anchor these positive feelings.

Come back into your current space and write how you feel using your luxury items (in this case a favorite notebook and pen).

3. Look at the areas of your life that you feel need improvement and come up with one small step that would make you feel more abundant.

4. Identify areas and items to be decluttered. I like to use the “5 F’s” method. If it does not fit, flatter, function, fill you with joy, then fling it out. Take immediate action and start the decluttering today.

5. Whenever you feel a lack mentality or feel yourself slipping back into poverty consciousness, look at all the areas of your life that you have identified as being luxury and press your middle finger against your thumb to anchor in those positive feelings.

Redo this exercise once every few months or as often as necessary, and journal your progress in your favorite notebook.

Here are some examples of clients that used this exercise:

Mary C did this exercise and realized that her bathroom towels were ancient and had holes in them. She did not even like the color but they functioned and she felt it would be wasteful to get new ones.

When she saw a sale in a local department store she immediately ordered a new set of beautiful, soft, fluffy towels in the color she wanted, at an affordable price. She gave the old ones to an animal shelter and felt abundant because she was able to give and receive.

This small action was a turning point in Mary’s life. She made a conscious decision not to settle for less than she felt she was worth. Mary said “dust settles, I don’t”. Every morning, she would dry herself off with her beautiful towels. She would look in the mirror and say “this is what a wealthy woman looks like”.

Because of this new, inner confidence, Mary secured a promotion and a pay rise in her job.

Bill G was also experiencing a feeling of lack and scarcity. During this exercise, he realized that he absolutely loved his wallet. It had been a gift from his wife, it had his initials on it and this encouraged him to keep it tidy and organized. He felt it was a metaphor for how he felt about money. Every time he used the wallet it made him feel good about money.

Bill decided that he would always keep some paper money in his wallet so that he could never “run out” of money. This simple technique had a profound effect on his life. He felt his wallet was like a talisman and that he could never fail. Bill began to seek out more opportunities for his business that allowed him to almost double his income in a year.

Tips for coaches
This exercise may bring up some emotions and resistance. The purpose is not to make a client feel more shameful about lack but to remind them to focus on all the wonderful things already in their life.

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