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Posted by on November 6, 2018

Anxiety is a condition by which a person feels to have a lot of worry and fear that might affect the daily routine. So you have to be sure that you avoid the condition so that you can prevent yourself from changing these issues. Cambridge depression is also a mental issue where one feels in a depressed mood and makes the person feel demotivated in the hobbies that one was being motivated before. When a person is suffering from anxiety and depression, you cannot be able to do your job well thus affecting the output of the work that you carry out daily.

Various causes have been identified to be causing the anxiety and depression in your health. These causes include; it has been determined that use of alcohol and drug abuse can lead to anxiety and depression, the moment that you use a lot of drugs and take excess drinking can lead to a person suffering from anxiety and depression. So you need to make sure that you avoid intake of a lot of alcohol and any drug abuse so that you can make sure that you prevent yourself from suffering from the condition.

When a person is being isolated he or she can get depressed or have anxiety since you don’t have anyone to talk to. The moment that you can talk to someone you can share the issues that you are suffering from. But when you stay in isolation and you have no one to talk to can lead you to a lot of thinking that might make you get stressed and make you suffer from the anxiety and depression. So its good to make sure that you avoid isolation and socialize with people so that you can prevent such a condition. Divorce also has been identified to be a cause of anxiety and depression, since each person has been living with the other but when separation arises, the living arrangements are changed where you have to separate and live differently. That is usually a lot of difficulties that might make a person to suffer from anxiety and depression since their living arrangement has changed a lot.

Also, it has been identified that pregnant women usually suffer from anxiety and depression and even after delivery of the baby. This is generally caused by the mother having a lot of pressure during the birth. But the pregnant woman can go counseling so that you can make sure that the mother does not suffer from anxiety and depression. Learn more about depression treatment Boston.

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