Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grass for Pets from NexGen Lawns

Pets are amazing to have in one’s life. They return your love two folds and the experience is quite rewarding in general. However, pets do take effort and come with certain nuances. They can be messy and rowdy at times. There are certain habits that they can be trained out of but other instincts may turn up from time to time. For example, dogs love to play indoors and outdoors; digging and scratching around. This can often ruin your belongings.

You can resolve these issues if you decide to install the artificial grass for pets. NexGen Lawns manufactures these artificial turfs so they can resist the activities of pets as well as be comfortable and safe for use around them.
Due to their top-quality and high performance, they can be used not only in homes but commercial spaces for pets as well. This includes pet daycare centers, training centers, shelters, and dog parks.

artificial grass for dogs
Artificial Grass For Dogs

Features of the Artificial Grass for Pets

Here are the advantages of using artificial turf for pets by NexGen Lawns:
The turf has a realistic look despite being designed for pets. It gives off a natural green aesthetic that looks beautiful and even your pets will enjoy the freshness

The fibers of the turf are named from strong and durable material. It is also resistant to weather and other kinds of wear and tear. Your dog can dig, scratch or play just the way they enjoy but the turf will not be damaged. Similarly, the temperatures can become extreme but the turf will remain unaffected. The turf contains inhibitors for UV protection so the fibers don’t dry out, crack or fade in color. But this protection method is also free of harmful lead content

It features the strongest backing available in the industry. It comes with a urethane backing, which makes the drainage 4 times more effective than any other regular turf for dogs. The system allows for rapid flow drainage so the turf remains dry and your dogs can enjoy without getting their paws messy. So you no longer have to deal with muddy and wet paws all over the house; even in the rainy season

The turf is made to be free of toxins and other harmful material. So it is not only safe for the pets but eco-friendly too
The turf comes added with the infill material and pet deodorizer. These fight any lingering odor and developments of toxins from pet waste and other reasons. Therefore, the turf remains hygienic and fresh-smelling throughout the year. The infill is made from 100 per cent organic ingredients so it does not pose any safety problems

As a pet owner, you want to give the best to your dogs but reduce personal stress too. With the K9 turf from NexGen Lawns, this is possible. Give your dog a safe and comfortable space to play at while you enjoy a beautiful view without having to do excessive maintenance or performing the cleanup duty.

Artificial Grass for Pet Dogs Care Centers by NexGen Lawns – An Ideal Choice

There are numerous requirements for a pet dogs care center to meet so that people can leave their beloved pets there without any concerns. The major requirements include the availability of food, clean water, and safety. Furthermore, a pet dog care center must be disinfected properly so that there are no health hazards.

Among these, another vital requirement for a pet dog care center is to have a dedicated play area where dogs can play for as long as they want. However, if the play area has real grass, its maintenance can not only prove to be tough but costly as well. Moreover, it also exposes pet dogs to the risk of infections and diseases.

If you own a pet dogs care center and want to provide them with maximum safety without making any compromise on their physical activities, opt for artificial grass by NexGen Lawns. We manufacture premium quality fake grass that is ideal to be installed in pet dogs care centers.

Read on to know some of the reasons why NexGen Lawns should be your ultimate option for synthetic grass in your pet dogs care center:

Proper Drainage System

Our specifically manufactured turf for pet care centers has an effective drainage system. This doesn’t let the liquid spills i.e. water or dog’s urine stay on the turf. It absorbs it; thus, ammonia doesn’t build up inside the turf that can prove to be harmful to the health of the dogs.
This feature also proves to be handy if the turf is installed outdoors as it doesn’t become slippery due to rainwater. Therefore, there is a reduced risk of injuries caused by tripping over water for dogs.

artificial grass for dogs
Effective drainage system

No More Unpleasant Odor

Dog’s urine or organic waste, even if it is cleaned, leaves an unpleasant odor that stays for a long time, in case if the turf has real grass. This, however, is not the case in the places where our fake grass has been installed. Once the turf is cleaned properly, the bad odor also vanishes and there is nothing but a pleasant looking turf with a fresh aura.


Our fake grass for pet dogs care center is resistant against dog’s scratches. It doesn’t get damaged easily. Modern technology is used for its manufacturing; thus, it lasts for a longer period of time remained affix to its original position. It will not lose its original sheen and look ever after years of use.

A Clean Pet Care Center

With our fake grass, there will no muddy footprints across the pet care center. Along these footprints, germs and pests that are hidden in the mud will also be no more. Thus, cleaning the pet care center will no longer be a major hassle for you.

Easy on Budget

Lastly, all the products we offer, including synthetic grass for pet care centers, is available at affordable rates. They do not require the use of costly supplies and products, which further makes them budget-friendly.
If you have any query, give us a call on 1-888-844-0672.

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