Synthetic Grass for Patios and Balconies

Making Your Patios and Balconies Better with Artificial Turf

Patios and balconies are often made of concrete or wood. While these materials have their own benefits, they can also look dull and inviting at times. A greener view looks better with its freshness and relaxing aura. Of course, the problem is that you can’t make grow grass on the patio and balcony and just plants will not help. But with an artificial grass turf, you can say goodbye to hard concrete and wood and create an evergreen surface on the patio and balcony.

Whether your patio and balcony are in a residential or commercial space, the premium synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns can be installed easily and with convenience. Thy typical wooden deck of patios can fade away, and even peel, due to the impact of the weather and environment. On the other hand, balconies don’t feel as comfortable in concrete as they will with a soft surface. Everybody loves to enjoy a view across or a cup of tea while they laze on the patio or balcony. With the soft grass of the turf, you will be able to relax better. Additionally, your children and pets will also be grateful for the softness of the artificial grass; allowing them to play without worrying about injury.

Synthetic Grass for Patios and Balconies
Synthetic Grass for Patios and Balconies

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf from NexGen Lawns

If you plan to revamp your balcony or patio with the artificial turfs available at NexGen Lawns, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

The synthetic grass looks incredibly realistic due to the diamond-shaped fibers that have multi-directional movement. Even the green color of the turf looks almost natural; giving off that fresh feeling that comes with a well-kept lawn

The turf comes with a highly effective drainage system. Therefore, there is no worry about accumulating water and other debris. All the waste will be carried out; leaving behind a clean, soft, and lush green surface

If you have pets regularly playing around the patio and balcony, it is possible they may litter the turf given the soft turf. But you won’t have to worry about the clean-up as the drainage can even clear away the organic waste and urine

The infill material and pet deodorizer added to the turf fights the development of odor and toxins. Therefore, you will have a hygienic turf all year round

The fibers of the turf are made from string and durable material. This will make the artificial grass last longer. NexGen Lawns also offers a warranty of 15 years upon purchase

The turf is coated with UV inhibitors so exposure to sun or extreme temperatures will not deteriorate the quality of the artificial grass fibers

You will have to invest very little effort and money in maintaining the turf as compared to natural grass
If you are interested in transforming your home or commercial balcony and patio, buy the best-quality and high-performing synthetic turf from NexGen Lawns today. We will also provide the services of seamlessly installing the turf.

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