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Posted by on August 14, 2018

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The noble reason for incorporating a secondary air injection system in a vehicle is to curb the release of the harmful waste gases into the atmosphere. The situation is most evident in the petrol engine vehicles when cold started. To do a cold starting in petrol engines, there is much need of plenty of fuel gas to air mixture in the combustion chamber. The high ratio means that much fuel is used in comparison to air in the mixture. To learn more about  secondary air injection, visit sais bypass kit. The following enumerates the reasons for putting the secondary air injection system along the exhaust system of a vehicle.
The first reason is to ensure a post-combustion of the excess fuel in the exhaust system. Since much of the fuel is needed during cold starts, some of it is not completely combusted in the cylinders in the engine. Therefore, there exists a combination of the inadequately burnt gasoline or hydrocarbons with the carbon monoxides in the exhaust. Therefore, a motor blower injects the air containing oxygen, necessary for oxidizing the inefficiently burnt fuel and the resultant carbon monoxide into water and carbon dioxide. Water and carbon dioxide are harmless substances in the atmosphere. However, if the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere, they can contribute much to climatic changes and other destructive phenomena to the organisms in the environment.
The second reason as to why the system requires repair to function well is, during cold starts in petrol vehicles the catalytic converters are primarily not functional. The catalytic converters use the oxygen sensors to access the oxygen difference between the ambient air and the exhaust content.  To get more info, click secondary air injection system repair. Therefore, during cold starts, the converters usually do not have enough heat to activate it making it possible for the release of the harmful substances in the atmosphere. To solve the problem, the secondary air injection system needs to function correctly to prevent the problem before the system attains the heat energy required to activate the catalytic converter. However, if the injection system is not functional, much of the harmful substances will be released before the catalytic converter becomes active.
The final reason for the necessary functioning of the secondary air injection system is, to provide heat for activation of the catalytic converter. The provision of oxygen for the post-combustion of the hydrocarbons in the exhaust system yields the heat energy. The resultant heat raises the temperature to activate the oxygen sensors in the converter since it is highly dependent on heat. That means that, if both systems become functional simultaneously, no harmful substances will be released into the atmosphere. Learn more from


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