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Posted by on November 7, 2018

Axe throwing is becoming one of the favorite pastime activities for most people. There are people who do it as a sport and hobby. It is an indoor game which has to be played in a special room known as a hatchet house. Just like any other kind of sport or game, hatchet throwing has some rules and precautions that must be adhered to. These set rules are to ensure that none of the players get out of the game injured or affected in any negative way. Since the idea of hatchet throwing game is found in thrusting an object towards a target, there is need for all the players to observe these precautions.

Ensure that the edge of the axe’s blade is not very sharp. Although many players prefer having sharp blades, it is highly discouraged. The board on which the hatchet is thrown over is usually a light penetrable board. The board is designed in such a manner that any slightly sharp object can penetrate into it. Sharp axes are discouraged because they might not only cause injuries to the thrower, but also to the observers and the target board. You can also avoid cuts and injuries when you use a slightly blunt axe for hatchet throwing. This game also requires the player to put on protective gears. These consist of a helmet, gloves and breastplate. You can, however, improvise this in your own to avoid spending a lot of money in purchasing them. Check out axe throwing for further details.

When playing, make sure that the vicinity of the target and of your hand is clear. You should ensure that there is no human being, animal or gadget anywhere near the thrower. This is an obvious security measure that cannot be ignored. You definitely do not want to have casualties in a hatchet house. Protect everyone and everything that is within the room where you play. The best way to implement this strategy is by playing in a large unoccupied room. This lowers the risks of an axe hitting anyone. Create enough playing space away from the audience. Great source of such ideas found at

As a player, do a lot of exercise before walking into a hatchet house to throw a hatchet or Axe. Axe throwing New Jersey players undergo a lot of exercise to ensure that they perfect their art. Practices should involve learning on how to hold down the hatchet and all the steps required to successfully complete the game.

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