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Posted by on November 7, 2018

Axe hatchet throwing has really gained popularity and more people are participating in the ax hatchet throwing games more than before. It is really a fun way to pass your time with friends and family. Like the throwing of darts, you test each other’s accuracy and in this one you use axes instead of the darts. If you are thinking about participating in the ax and hatchet throwing sport, there are some things you need to know before you book, so that to avoid surprises when you get to the arena. The down the hatchet arenas have different regulations and you should know about them before booking. Below are some of the things to know before booking an ax and hatchet throwing.

Know about the kind of dressing they allow for the participants. This is common for all arenas, because they require you to wear closed shoes that will not expose you to dangers of falling axes. In terms of clothes, there is no restriction and you can wear anything you feel comfortable in even in the cold season.

Ask about the cost you will incur per person to participate in the game. Price charges vary greatly on different arenas, so make inquiries before you book. Ask about the time each session will take, because they also vary starting with a minimum of two hours up to five hours depending on the location you choose.

Inquire about the age regulations of the people to be allowed in the arena. Some locations have no regulation on kids but they require that their guardians are present during the throwing session. Other locations have age regulations of fifteen years to eighteen, so make inquiries if you want to take your kids. Jump to axe throwing for other source of info.

Know the minimum number of participants that are allowed in each session. Some locations will only allow appointments if you attained the minimum number while others can allow you to team up with other teams you find in the arena. Knowing the minimum number will help you arrange the friends and family members who you will be taking along, so that you attain the required number.

Ask about food, if they allow you to bring your or you will have to purchase from the arena shops. Most of the arenas will allow you to bring your own food but still, some have regulations. Some have bars in the arenas, so you can enjoy the sports fun together with the beer readily available.

Ask about the equipment to use in the session. Know if they provide axes or you will have to bring your own. Most arenas provide axes to use, so you do not have to purchase your own. Some will allow you to bring your own axes and hatchets if you want to, and others will not so ask before booking.

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