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Posted by on August 7, 2018

When someone in America chooses to work for the government in any capacity that has access to classified information, one of the most important steps to securing the job would be to undergo a thorough government background check. Most of the background checks are done by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), federal agencies and independent contractors tasked with employment screening services. Background checks date back to 1953 when the then president of the United States, President Eisenhower, signed an executive order giving OPM and independent agencies the mandate and authority to regulate the security of all federal personnel by conducting background checks and investigations.

The major responsibility of the agency responsible for background checks is to ensure the applicant is trustworthy, reliable and loyal to the government. It is important to highlight the point that the extent and thoroughness of the background check to be one is depended on the position one is applying for. When you apply for a position that needs high access to classified information; the background check will be large in scope. The same holds true when applying for a position that gives you an opportunity to commit most individual harm.

Government background check is regarded as the most thorough of all background checks and investigations. As such, they can be quite intrusive for most people. To get started in having a background check done, the applicant needs to fill out a questionnaire that has very personal questions. The applicant is then fingerprinted to allow for criminal background investigations through thorough computer checks and analysis. The next step is to have the agency performing the background check reach out to references listed on the security questionnaire form. Note that thorough investigation and checks allow the agency even to reach other people who may not be listed but are related to the applicant in one way or another.

These are people that are supposed to provide an unbiased account of the character of the applicant. These people include current employer, former employers, family and friends, acquaintances, neighbors and just about anyone that can give a personal account of the applicant. Government background checks also call for the use of one’s credit report to ensure there are no credit issues with the applicant. Once all pertinent information has been gathered, the agency will investigate and evaluate the information and communicate their recommendation and verdict to the appropriate offices. Get to know about¬†Peopletrail.

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