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Posted by on November 1, 2018

Strategies 4-7: Approach based
My next strategy focuses on the realistic approach.

So, once you go out (or club or restaurant or whatever), you can try the following:

4) Contact a comfortable eye
The easiest first step to know a new woman is to contact her with her eyes.

Just watch and hold – Be careful, be careful. Horror usually comes in the form of worry.

And if you meet him, what should you do from there?

5) Smile (and see its answer)
As he sees you, he smiles a little. It shows him that you are seeing him and are interested in talking to him.

If she smiles back (and she is not otherwise busy), it is basically a clear indication that she wants you to contact her.

And if he does not smile?

Just contact a new woman to find out.

6) Find disorder behaviors
This next strategy is more about identifying women that you should not contact.

Many people make random women’s mistakes and expect them to respond the same every time.

In public, you can not make sure what a woman is doing – when she is busy, upset or really like a boy like you.

Therefore, it is important to look at important behaviors that you do not want to contact.

Here are some tips:

If he speaks carefully to another person, do not stop …
Public transportation is not always the best place to start carefully to start a conversation …
Do not ask a woman to remove her headphone. On the train, in the gym, on the street, everywhere. If he wants to talk to you, take him out …
If a woman does not want to talk, just smile, forgive for intervention and want her happy day / evening / weekend, whatever she likes. Pushing for unwanted partner to negotiate is your waste of time and will not end well …


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