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Posted by on February 4, 2020

Do you want to make SEO much easier? Google and other organizations provide free and paid tools to make your SEO results better. Let’s discuss some free SEO tools from Google.

Why Do Online Tools Are Important In SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a domain within the digital marketing world that focuses on optimizing search engine rankings of website pages through different routine activities.

Though some activities are obvious to raise search engine rankings, some analytics and insights can help us make these activities more fruitful. In other words, some intelligence from SEO tools can be crucial for your digital marketing goals.

Though various useful SEO tools are available online, SEOs prefer using Google’s SEO tools because they are safe and accurate. Let’s discuss some useful SEO tools from Google:


Notable Google Tools To Optimize Websites & Applications

The usage of online tools can make your targeting and engagement much better. The wait is over; let’s discuss free tools from Google for SEO:

Google Ads

You may already know that SEO revolves around keywords. “Keyword Planner” tool within Google Ads website is a great way of knowing related keywords and their search volume.

Google Analytics

Who visited your website? How much time your website visitors spend? Which pages have been visited by your audience? These and similar questions help you enhance the user experience. Google Analytics

Google Webmasters

SEO activities become more fruitful with the help of Google Webmasters. This useful platform from Google allows you to monitor the performance of your website and the best thing is; it is free just like the tools discussed above.


Tools vs. SEO Professionals: How To Head To The Right Direction

SEO tools from Google and other organizations can play an important role in your SEO strategy development and day to day activities to raise search engine rankings.

It is also important to note that mere tools may not be able to help in highly competitive areas. If you are not able to get results yourself, you should take help from a professional.








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