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Posted by on December 6, 2018

Bed bugs are pesky insects that leave behind red and itchy bites that often form a zigzag pattern on the skin. These bugs can survive just about anywhere humans live and they feed on their victims at night. When bed bugs are present in a home, prompt intervention is a must for getting rid of the problem. Waiting too long to seek pest control fort wayne will only lead to worsened problems and a greater number of insects. With the following information, property owners will know whether or not they are dealing with a bed bug problem, so they can seek the right solution.

How to Know If Bed Bugs Are a Problem

There are a few different signs that can alert a property owner of problems with bed bugs. Although these bugs are very tiny and often stay hidden during the day, there are some telltale signs that show there is an issue.

Property owners may find shed egg casings in their bedding, mattress, or carpeting. These may also be shed in other areas of the home, but these are the most common areas for discovery.

A homeowner may notice their bedding suddenly has blood smears. These are left behind after the bed bug bites its victims and feeds off of their blood.

Individuals may discover shed skins from the bed bugs. These are often found in the crevices of the mattress.

Black stains and coffee ground-like material on the bedding and mattress can be a sign bed bugs are residing there. These stains are caused by the waste product of the bed bugs.

One of the most common signs individuals notice when they have a bed bug problem is itchy, red welts. These are the bites that are left behind by the bed bugs. Although the bites are not dangerous and these bugs are not known to carry diseases, no one can sleep comfortably knowing bugs are feeding on them at night.

These bed bug signs should never be ignored because the problem will not get better on its own. The more information property owners glean from pest control services, the better the chances of them knowing when they need to call these professionals.

Call For Help

Bed bug problems can be difficult to deal with, but the professionals can get rid of the bed bug problem in an expedient manner. If you are in need of these services in the Fort Wayne area, contact Bens Bugs Be Gone right away.

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