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Posted by on September 26, 2018

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Fabric filter is a device which control the air pollution by removing a certain particulate matter which is contained in gas stream and this is done by passing the dirty air over a piece or layer of cloth. The particulate matter which is removed usually appear on the surface of the cloth and it is cleaned by air passing over it. In today’s technology one of the removal device which is considered to be predominant and it is used to remove particulate in the industrial process is fabric filters. There are other air pollution control techniques or technologies which are used such as the electrostatic precipitator but they usually vary depending on the condition of the process which is used but fabric filter normally maintain a collection efficiency which is particulate no matter how small the size of particles might be. To get more info, visit American Fabric Filter. There are several companies which perform the services of fabric filters among them being American fabric filter. This company is concerned with providing filter bags which are designed by them and they also transfer sleeves to various industries such as food, mineral and chemical. The aim of this company is to make high quality filter bags which are special in the whole industry so as to increase the demand of its products.
Fabric filter are normally divided into three types, that is, the shaker, pulse jet and reverse air. Each type is usually ranged to be better or worse depending on the speed which it is using to collect the amount of dust which is removed from the filter surface. To learn more about Filter Fabric, click To start with the shaker, this is a mechanical shaker baghouse which contain of tubular filter bags and these bags has cell plate at the bottom of them which usually increases the speed which is using to remove dust from a certain filter surface. It is through in the bottom of the baghouse where the dirt air passes and these dust is usually collected on the inner side of the filter bags.
The other type is the reverse air fabric filter and in this type the speed is increased at the bottom of baghouses and the dust is removed through a hanger frame which can be adjusted and it is found at the top of hanger frame. There are different multiple modules which are arranged in this type of fabric filter in order to ensure that the dust enter through the bag from the inside side and the dust is removed from also the inner side of the filter bag. Learn more from


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