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Posted by on July 4, 2018


Paving maintenance is the general care of the pavement using various strategies. Keeping the pavement in prime condition is the benefit enjoyed by regular maintenance of pavements. Cleaning basically involves use of water and soap detergents to clean the surfaces. Weeds are troublesome plants, in that they grow in unwanted regions or areas. In addition there are several measures that can be done to keep weeds at bay.


Brushing regularly is a way at keeping weeds away as they interfere with the development and establishment of new weeds. Even though this method is based on the presence of weeds then it is more of a reactive method rather than a proactive method. Sealants are another way of keeping the weeds at bay from the Missoula asphalt paving surface.


Thus cleaning involves a process that is easy to follow through. All in all general cleaning involves regular hosing and sweeping which removes general dirt and detritus with the aid of a hard bristled outdoor broom. In addition when the pavement is soiled heavily the area is scrubbed with a hard bristled brush or broom accompanied with soap and water. Leaving soap in the mid spaces of the pavement result to negative implication on the paving surface. There are various types of stains that can be identified which are scuff marks from car tires, rusk stains, concrete, plaster and paint marks, beverage, smoke, fire and tobacco stains and oil stains.


Vehicle tires are known to cause scuff marks on paving surfaces and the use of hot water and strong detergent are used to remove it. Rusk stain, concrete, paint and plaster marks are not easily removed unless a professional in cleaning is called upon. Oil stains are not a good display on the surface of paving structure but can be handled solo. After this is done the remaining stain is removed with soap, water preferably hot and a brush. The final type of stain is beverage, smoke, fire and tobacco stains which are not much of a bother.


Inspection ensures that any loose, damaged or stained paving are not present and also the jointing material is indeed intact. The pavement should be covered during renovation or construction to protect it from damage and even staining from oil or paint based substances and chemicals. Industry specialists are aware on the pros and cons and recommend on the type of sealants to be used and its application. Asphalt paving and maintenance is the use of asphalt which is a durable material that last for years of vehicle and foot damage without visible signs of damage. For Missoula asphalt maintenance the following need to be done.


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