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Posted by on August 14, 2018

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Bible has been referred to and also considered as the wonderful counselors instruction manual  and it is used to bring some revelation of some of the difficult and answered human questions which have not been answered and which cannot be answered with ease  and it again reveals and also sheds some light on some of the  human concepts which are very difficult to understand. The Bible is divided into books which contain verses and this ease the reading of the bible. The bible really helps us to understand the Gods purposes for anything in our lives and it as well gives us the answer to the ambiguous question of why human beings do suffer. To get more info, click bible verse a day. The Bible through the verses is used to teach where people are taught on Gods word which brings comprehension of the word. Again the verses are used to warn where they do provide some warning concerning a certain situation and it as well may sometimes provide a solution or remedy of the same. The verses as well are used to encourage where the heartbroken people can read the bible scripture and be encouraged on some several things. The verses again are used to instruct where they give direction on how some certain things ought to be done. The verses also do teach people on the reasons why human beings undergo some suffering and it is very interesting to learn that all the concepts which affect the human kind are all covered in the bible and also the bible have all the answers to any questions or situations which may happen in our lives.
There are some several bible verses which do explain much why human beings suffer for instance the book of Ecclesiastics chapter seven verse fourteen highlights well why people suffer and it again helps people to have an understanding that nothing is certain in their lives.  To get more info, visit My Bible Verse of The Day. Other verses for instance psalms chapter one hundred and twenty-one and verse one give us some hope by telling us that God is our only provider and as well our only helper in the hours of our needs. People should thus be concerned in setting aside some few minutes of their precious time and do some meditation  of the encouraging as well as the inspirational bible verses for this will give them some great message which can help them shape their life well. As well while reading the verses one should first pray in order to comprehend the verses well and again one should meditate on the verses daily. Learn more from


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