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Posted by on August 14, 2018

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There is a significant population of people in the world who do not believe in God or any other supernatural power. These are the people who believe in science and that everything happens by chance. There are, however, other people who believe that there is a supernatural power that is responsible for the way things are and how they will be in the future. People different in different concepts of when it comes to the existence of this supernatural power. And this is the reason why we have the different religions in the world.  To get more info, click My Bible Verse of The Day. One of the most widespread religions in the world is Christianity.
There are very many Christians in the world today. The Christians believe in the teaching of their Jesus Christ as the son of God who was sent to deliver them from their wrongdoings. The Christians believe that one day Jesus will come for the second time to take with Him those who lived according to His teaching. The Christians are basically the followers of Christ. They get their answers from the Holy Bible which they believe that it has all the answers that they need. The Bible is made of various books which are in turn divided into a number of verses. Christians are often encouraged to memorize the scripture.
There are very many reasons why it is important for a Christian to memorize scripture. One, your desire as a Christians will change. When one becomes a Christian, the vow to leave behind everything that is of this world and follow the will of Christ. To get more info, visit My Bible Verse of The Day. This is often difficult for the Christians since the desired of the flesh are hard to control. If you memorize the scripture, you will be well equipped not to follow the desires of your body but the will of God.
The other good reason why you should memorize scripture as a Christian is that it helps you in your spiritual battles. Memorizing scripture gives you the strength to fight temptations. It is only via the help of the scripture will you be able to fight temptations and emerge victors. Another thing is that you will get a clear direction. Memorizing scripture allows you to think about the scripture the whole day. By doing so you will be able to understand God’s ways. When you understand His ways, then your spiritual journey will not be that difficult.
Finally, you will be always in a good position to share the Gospel. The Bible urges all Christians not to keep the word of God for themselves but to spread it. Learn more from


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