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Posted by on August 18, 2018

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Are you an upcoming author? Are you probably in the process of putting together a hardcover book or that e-book that you’ve always wanted to do for a long time? Possible, are you just an inquisitive reader filled with so much curiosity as to how a book is put together and marketed? Well here are a few things about writing a book blurb that may be helpful to you. You probably are asking, “What is a book blurb?” Well, it is a short piece of writing of a book or journal, meant for promotional purposes, and are normally found at the back cover of the book or in modern times, on the website.To learn more about Book Blurb, click. It could be a quote from the book, the author’s view of the book, the publisher’s take or an expert’s comment about the book.
Being that there are some many elements that go in ensuring a book is marketable and catches the attention of readers such an excellent cover page, one also needs to know how to craft a blurb that triggers curiosity. First is to give the reader a feel of the book. What I mean by this is the core theme of the book. Click link to get info about Book Blurb . You could be talking about financials, love, power, politics, personal development, etc. Use the book blurb to mark out this theme, so that already the reader knows what they are getting into.
Secondly, once the theme is set, you need your main problem. The conflict some writers call it. Yes, you are writing about green energy or renewable energy, which is good as a theme. But now you need to show your reader how this is a problem to the extent that they want to start flipping the ages and getting answers that you’ve given to the problem.  You want to throw them into the stormy part of the book using the blurb such that it keeps ringing in their mind that there is a conflict that needs solving.
Finally, there are two more things you need to keep in mind. If there are a theme and a conflict, then for sure we need characters. For the blurb, you need the main character introduced. You need to reveal your hero or main protagonist in the book blurb so that the reader who is going in to read the book knows who to look to for solutions. As well, keep in mind that it is book blurb, not the book itself. Therefore, keep it short and sweet. If you over-elaborate, then you risk satisfying the prospective reader’s appetite, which is not what you want. You want their curiosity satisfied once they start reading the book. Armed with this, you can now go on to put together your first book blurb and be confident as you do it. Learn more from


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