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Posted by on April 20, 2018

When looking forward to shopping for a loan, you should focus on getting a reputable provider. It should also be one that will give you convenience in every aspect, and offer you the best terms. While this might be quite daunting to look for, it is worth as it will help you avoid landing into regrets later on.

This article will explain to you the features to look for when shopping for a loan. It will also highlight reasons why over all the other options, you should consider stock loans.


Look for a loan at StockLoan Solutions that will give you the flexibility of walking away from it any time you wish to. This should not come up with consequences such as your credit rating being hurt, or requirements on you to bring extra cash and collateral. While this is common on traditional marginal loans, it is quite inconvenient, and stock loans solve this problem by demanding none of this. On stock loans, you will not be required to present any personal guarantee.

Requirements for credit ratings.

Before getting a loan, many lenders will require you to present your credit rating. At times, this might be too daunting and can end up being an inconvenience to you. Since stock loans is a direct lender, you will not have to go through a credit check. All that will be needed from you is your stock. Loans here are under-written in-house, and you will be in a position to directly communicate with the lender and get a personalized service as well as maximum, attention. Get more facts about loans at

Loan-to-value ratio (RTV)

 The LTV of stock loans is very competitive. Loans are offered by the market sector, market conditions, and the stock performance anticipated in future. Here, the LTV mostly ranges from 45-60%.

Fast Closing and Funding

Stock loans are quickly funded and closed, taking an average time of 48 hours. After that, you will get your money linked to your bank account.

Low-Interest Rates and Flexible Terms

Stock loans have very competitive rates that vary depending on the number of repayments months. They are paid in 12, 24, and 36 months. The rates keep on changing, and you can spot the best rates to shop the loan at.

Privacy and confidentiality.

Your stock loan transactions will remain private and confidential. Any information in regards to your loan will be properly stored at the processing center, and ether is no outside party that can have access to your loans.


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