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Posted by on September 18, 2018

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CCTV camera systems main function is to monitor the area that you think needs proper supervision because you cannot be able to see what is happening in all the room and outside by yourself. Therefore the machine is there to ensure that captures all the ongoing depending on the rooms that you will have set it up to check on. To get more info, click Hikvision CCTV Distributor Dubai.  You can decide to have your CCTV camera system in your house or place of work.
When you are purchasing for a CCTV camera which is also known as a closed circuit television, you have to be aware that there are those that were used before when they had started introducing them. Things have changed, and there are the modern CCTVs which have more features than the ones that were there back. The following are important things that you should look for when you are purchasing for a CCTV camera.
Ensure that the CCTV that you are purchasing has a DVR as it is termed as the heart of the CCTV camera. Its primary purpose is to record all that happens in a room. Therefore afterward you can play back and see what was happening. To get more info, visit CCTV Companies in Dubai.  It also controls your camera and comes in different types at the same time. There is the one that is known as full D1 and is the one with the highest resolution that a DVR has to offer. When you have this, then you will have tight security at your premises. It may be expensive when compared with the other CCTV, but it offers the best pictures. It is best for industries and commercial places.
If you are getting a CCTV for a place that does not need that tight security, then the half D1 half CIF will be the appropriate one. It is the type of CCTV camera that is widely used by the majority of the people. That is because it is one that a lot of people can afford and offers excellent services at the same time; therefore with it, you will have clear images of the place you have set it to capture.
The one that has the lowest quality of all is known as the full CIF. Some people still use it which it is acceptable, but it does not show a clear image. Therefore if you want to see the exact person that was doing something unacceptable you will not be able to tell. It does not work for the right purpose that a CCTV should, and since they are also cheap, you shouldn’t expect much.


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