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The Reasons Why Education is Very Important 

September 4, 2018 at 3:22 am / by


Literacy is very important in every society and therefore it is becoming a basic need for each and every individual in the current world. It is known world widely that every individual who is educated and scholarly refined has a chance to make it in life in so many ways.


That has simply confirmed to be realistic and considering the fact that most people who pursue their education and become more learned mostly become Great people in the society in one way or the other. The members of the society discovered the important of getting through the education system and getting learned and that is why they really value education.


Whether you go to a school or you get home schooled, education becomes a benefit to both the individual and the society at large in the ways which we are going to elaborate in this article. First of all,  with education into the society,  poverty is easily eradicated, see more here!


When your level of education is higher and you go for a job interview with a person who is slightly lower than you,  chances of getting that job are higher because you are more skilled and knowledge compared to those other people. Learned people are richer because they make more money as compared to people with lower education levels.


When people go to school they learn things like  the benefits of proper disposal of litter and that is important because it keeps them healthy and clean.  That way, the people also learn the benefits of vaccinating and keeping a healthy immune system.  Know more about education at


Schooling is also important to the country because when people increase their levels of education, the government makes more income in many ways and that facilitates economic growth in various ways.


Infants born and taken care of by people who are educated have a better chance of surviving as compared to places where education is null and that reduces infant mortality by a very big percentage.


The rates at which wars occur in areas where people learn the benefits of peace through schooling usually reduce and this promotes world peace.


People from all over the world usually meet in schools and this facilitates social interactions and some people even make lifetime friends, families, business partners through the same. Through international education systems, people learn other ways of life which affects them positively.


Areas where young boys and girls are educated, it helps to prevent young marriages, early and unwanted pregnancies as well as reduces fertility rates which is a benefit .


When people go to Kingshott school, some pursue courses on natural disaster management and this befits the community in various ways because the effects can be handles as a result.


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