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Key Characteristics of an Embedded Computer System

September 5, 2018 at 3:24 pm / by


An embedded computer system that executes a set of specific functions that happen to be part of a larger device is known as an embedded system. The embedded systems are in most cases made part of systems that oftentimes comprise a mixture of hardware and software.  These often happen to be those devices such as the electronics used at home, mobile phones, MP3 players and the other sets for entertainment such as the TVs and music systems. They are as well a common feature in the manufacturing concerns as they are incorporated into the larger devices and the machines such as in the factory robotics and robots, we see them used in the traffic lighting systems, aeronautics as they are used in the control systems for aircrafts. The following are some of the key features of an embedded computer system.


First and foremost is the fact that these systems are actually for the execution of specific and pre-programmed functions. As such they will always have a unique set of requirements. Basically they happen to be those hardware programmed devices which run on hardware chips which you can program. Check this company here!


The second feature of the embedded computer systems is the fact that they perform such unique tasks and as such differ from the normal computers that can be used for performing a wide range of tasks and functions. This as such points to the other feature that these systems are never independent systems but rather a part of larger systems that carry out a specific task. Thus you will find embedded systems in a number of systems such as in cars, guitars and many other devices where they help with the need to perform specified tasks for the whole system to flow smoothly. To know more about computers, visit this website at


One other feature of the embedded system is the fact that they have their so scripted programs stored in a read-only memory or the flash memory.  This is known as the firmware. The embedded computers and systems can have no user interface or otherwise have a highly advanced kind of graphical user interface. This is mainly determined by the kind of function that the systems are designed to perform. The basic forms of the embedded systems will be the kinds that use LEDs, buttons or an LCD display that has a simple menu option. There are as well the advanced ones that have a touch sensitive function and screen that allows for greater flexibility and reduce on the need for space on the device. Start now!


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