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Posted by on August 21, 2018

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Fishing for salmon is one sport that you will find very thrilling indeed. In the Columbia River, you can rent guided fishing trips for a fun day of fishing for salmon. These fishing guides usually also go through the tributaries of the Columbia River which includes the following Rivers – the Lewis River, Multnomah Channel, Cowlitz River, Willamette River, and Wind River. It is very easy to navigate your way to these rivers since they are located in close proximity to the Portland, Oregon International Airport.  To get more info, click Salmon fishing charter. Many tourists visit Oregon just to go salmon fishing. And if you are a fishing enthusiast, you should not miss this fishing adventure. You can stay at the Lewis River Inn Motel where most visitors to these fishing expeditions stay. The good thing is that it is very near the river so that the guides will simply meet you at the place in the morning.
The most prized fish in the Pacific Northwest is the spring salmon. And this fact is perhaps known to everyone in the fishing world. And when it comes to taste and texture, spring salmon is also the best fish that you can ever eat in the world. This fish is heavy weighing 15 to 25 pounds on the average. If you are going to fish for spring salmon, then you have to schedule your fishing expedition on the month of February, which is the best month to start fishing. Spring salmon fishing season usually runs through the month of June. To get more info, visit Chinook salmon fishing Astoria. There are special techniques used for salmon fishing and this includes trolling herring with flashers in good Columbia River condition. In high waters, however, anchor is lowered and the fishermen use kwickfish with cured bait rap or spinner and prawns.
The Fall Chinook King Salmon is another type of salmon which inhabits the Columbia River. This is perhaps the biggest salmon you can find there. It weight an average of 25 to 30 pounds. But occasionally a bigger comes along which can reach up to 50 pounds. If you want to catch a king salmon, then you should go there on the first of August during the opening of the salmon fishing season. You can also catch Coho salmon on these days. So, when you go salmon fishing, you will be able to haul different kinds. If you want to catch the king salmon, then you should start fishing in Buoy 10. These salmon will then start moving up the Columbia rivers until they reach the Bonneville dam. King salmon is the biggest sized salmon in the world. Fishing for king salmon will be a great fishing experience for those who go on a fishing trip with Columbia river fishing guides. Learn more from


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