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Posted by on September 19, 2018

If you love snorkeling and you have plans to invest in your new snorkeling gear, you would do first things first. You would want to purchase a snorkel mask equipment; and in fact, this is what you ought to consider crucial. There are numerous snorkeling masks models and types out there; you should not see any trouble identifying one that will take care of the needs that you. Essentially, there are two primary snorkel mask models; the full face mask snorkel and the traditional snorkel masks. You would want to be sure to locate one that will fit the needs that you have. If you do not have an idea on which is a model is great and what makes another better than the other, then you need not look any further; there are few distinctive characteristics of each that you should know before you make your choices. You deserve to make the right decisions when choosing your snorkel masks.

First, you should know the breathing mechanism of each. You can’t have a look at a full face snorkel mask and you fail to notice that it’s different – especially on the space age-y design. That bubble that is central to the mask design when it comes to full face snorkel mask, permits you to breathe from your nose as well as your mouth while doing your thing. And this is quite advantageous – during your heck, you are quite comfortable and relaxed. On the contrary, the traditional snorkel masks allow breathing through the mouth alone – and this can come with a lot of discomforts. What is more, you can panic when you are in deep waters.

Then there is the panoramic, flat lens view – something that we all desire. The full face and space-age bubble have this fundamental feature. The feature gives you a chance to enjoy a 180-degree field of view, offering you better views when compared to the traditional goggles. What is more, flat lenses of a full face mask provide less distorted images? And the story is different with the traditional snorkel masks.

One all-time issue that a traditional snorkel has is that you do not have a chance to a cough and spurt. If you do this, you will fill water into your snorkel tube and that makes you choke due to its saltiness. Then there is the water in the goggles. The full face snorkel masks, on the other hand, combat this problem with a dry top compartment that averts water from entering into your snorkel. Essentially, there is a ball that is sitting at the upper part of its tube hence automatically sealing the air valve. View here for more info.

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