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Posted by on September 19, 2018

For those planning to have an underwater experience, getting the right snorkel mask is an important step. The process of selecting the right type of snorkel mask is faced with a lot of obstacles. When you pick a mask that is not good, you may end up ruining your underwater experience. With a mask, you got to enjoy your underwater view without having to worry that oxygen is not there. Many people disagree on ways of picking the right snorkel masks. The following discussion between traditional and full face snorkel masks should help you in settling this dispute.

For the traditional snorkel mask, it will come with goggle, fins, and a snorkel tube. The mask will help you cover your eyes. It will also assist you in covering your nose. Thus it will be able to protect you from any types of leakages. One popular disadvantage of the traditional snorkel mask is that you will be choked when you resurface from the water. This is due to the fact that the snorkel tube will be filled with a lot of water when you are underwater. When you come out of the water, you will have to blow the water out, this is always a difficult thing to do. You should do it in a correct manner to avoid ending with a lot of water in your mouth. In order to avoid this obstacle, you can try using the dry snorkel mask. Another problem with the traditional snorkel mask is that it will not allow an individual with a sensitive gag reflex to use it. This is because they will not have an amazing experience. For more info, click here.

To avoid all these problems, you should try using the full face snorkel mask. This is because, with the full face snorkel mask, there is no mouthpiece thus you will have an experience that is natural. The full face snorkel mask all covers your entire whole face, thus allowing you to breathe underwater in a natural way, using your nose. The advantage of a full face snorkel mask is that it can be used by both divers that are new, and those experienced ones. The full face snorkel mask will also offer you a clear and very wide area of visibility. If you want to introduce the snorkeling to your children, you should use full face snorkel masks. As we can see, the full face snorkel mask has more advantages over the traditional snorkel masks. View here to know more.

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