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Posted by on February 4, 2019

Experiential learning can be described as learning via knowledge, the students here learn through experience thus experimenting what they know as a team. Each member will, therefore, produce their skills and have them put down so that the rest of the team may learn something out that, the experiential learning is good since it helps in team building among the members. When the students are in this reflection learning they have the ability in building their knowledge thus as this is one way of learning new things at the same time.

All students are required to participate in experiential learning as they all have something different to offer and the more the demonstration the more they get knowledge. Since it is a teamwork thing, when the coaching is ongoing it gives a direct coaching and understanding for the entire team, this means no rehearsing after the coaching is done as all the students will be doing practically what they were coached by the member who is teaching them, and after the coaching is finished all participants are required to do it practically there and then without having to wait.

Since it is a reflection learning it means there must be a group of students who will be available to have the experiment done and this means teamwork is adhered accordingly and whenever there is teamwork anywhere it means communication skills must be adhered as well so that the two can get along hand in hand, so good communication skills will be improved during experimental learning. Experiential learning is one way of allowing the team to know whether they have understood the practical or not within a short time they can predict whether they are fit for the practical.

In case the learners have not understood the experiment they still can enhance their practical immediately and deliver their results at the same time. Experiential learning is beneficial since the learners have the chance to showcase their skills immediately after being taught and if they are marked perfect then they are automatically qualified. In short, accomplishments are taken obviously during this practical as everyone who is experimenting is an experienced student. However, the learners will still be needed to undergo some tests as this is one way of approving whether they have understood the whole procedure and if they have passed then they are marked as qualified students. Read more here

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