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Posted by on November 19, 2018

They are crustaceans, have long bodies and usually live on the seafloor around crevices. They are highly priced seafood and are usually expensive and are therefore important economically since they generate more profits in coastal areas and thus contribute to economic growth. They have blue blood due to the presence of hemocyanin that contains copper, unlike vertebrates which have red blood due to the presence of hemoglobin. They averagely live up to a period of fifty years although determining their accurate age is difficult. It has been found out that fertility in lobsters does not reduce with increasing age but instead, the opposite may be even true since old lobsters may be more fertile than young ones. They usually eat fish, plants, worms, and others. There are more info you can get about 4 lb lobster.

Lobster, when used as food, can be dipped in butter to produce a heightened flavor and can also be used in soups and lobster rolls. They can be cooked, boiled, steamed alive depending on one’s preference. When cooked, the color of their shell usually changes to orange from blue due to the breaking down of crustacean by heat. They are usually so delicate to transport from one place to a distant place since they can easily die and thus they are usually strictly sold locally. In ancient times, they were fed to pigs and goats as they were referred to as a poor man’s chicken. They usually turn red when cooked but are green, yellow or blue in nature. All of your questions about lobsters will be answered when you click buy here!

Lobsters are unique in some ways in that when they mate, the female eggs are not fertilized instantly but instead, the males are carried by her until when she chooses when to fertilize her eggs. They usually shed their shells and for females, they can mate only once after they molt. They even sometimes eat their small ones when food is scarce. They are usually caught using a trap underwater and the trap is in many cases bailed with dead fish to attract them. When large in numbers, some can even be found shores and they were therefore initially caught my hands as long as one wears heavy duty gloves. Learn more details about lobster at Their eyesight is poor but has deep senses of smell and taste. There are different sites that sell lobsters online and some sources even offer free delivery. Before buying online, one should consider the price and also compare prices from different sources to find the most affordable one.


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