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Posted by on July 17, 2018

Creating and publishing a marketing blog should be taken seriously to ensure that the content is of great quality, entertaining and also engaging.  This being the case, it is critical that a marketer is aware of some of the tips and tricks to make this happen.  One of them is being familiar with SEO hacks that most industry leaders utilize. Using these tips and hacks will ensure that you get that high search engine ranking as you wish as well as a diverse and increased audience for every marketing blog you publish and present.  For one it is critical to ensure that your readers can agree with you at some point to establish or set up a connection with them. For instance, you can mention leaders such as Forbes. Com and indicate that the sites are highly ranked on Google and enjoy some authority.  You should then promise the audience or readers that you have got the perfect solution to their issues. For instance here, you could outline the factors that the writers of focus on most to get high ranking.  Then show the readers a preview of the solution by indicating that in your blog, you are going to present a number of the most significant Google ranking factors. Check out this website about marketing.

Secondly, ensure it is critical that you ensure that a reader can continue reading your blog to the end. You need to get more skimmers and more serious readers to do this.  The solution ensures the blog content is not only readable but scannable.

You can do this by being smart and adding bucket brigades.  This means that you use short phrases to work as the conversation points for your blog. They make the audience curious and thus increase the urge to read more.  Phrases like ‘Here is the fact’,  Here is the proof,’ ‘Here is the deal’ and ‘It only gets better’ make your readers curious about what it is that happens next.  This way, they will keep reading.  Know more here!

Ensure also, that the title is action-oriented and with a meta-description. Using action-oriented verbs and a great description encourages your readers to take action. Use keywords that readers actually use for searches. However, avoid stuffing them unnaturally.  Use action verbs including ‘learn’ and ‘discover’. Additionally. Use attention-grabbing headlines as you make the sub-headings authoritative and interesting.  Marketing by Kevin will make the blog readable, and thus make the content entertaining and engaging.


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