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Posted by on January 25, 2019

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that of the species family called punctura vine. In chines and India, the plant has been liked for its medicinal purposes. The plant extract is beneficial for both men and women health in terms of increasing sexual pressures. This is because of its extract which has high levels of alkaloids known as the saponins. This substance is responsible for the stimulation of the pituitary to produce hormones. Tribulus is also known for increasing the production of sperms. This means that the plant can be used to overcome the issues of low libido and potency.

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The Tribulus Terrestris is well known for its ability to increase sex life in men. This is because it leads to the stimulation of the hormones known as DHEA and testosterone. For muscle building, the plant is also very important. This is possible because of the high rate of protein metabolism that is caused by an increased level of testosterone in the body. When the Tribulus is taken by men they are assured of a 70% increase of libido and potency. The 30% should be derived from the supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris when taking in the right quantity it has no side effects to most people. However, in the case of an overdose, some problems may be experienced because of its low toxicological grade. Tribulus should not be taken by the people who have health issues before consulting their doctors. There are supplements that have Tribulus in their content and this may result in overuse of the substance without your knowledge. If you are taking supplements to analyze their composition so that you don’t end up consuming much of the Tribulus which can be dangerous to your health.

The Tribulus Terrestris can also be used by women. However, those that are lactating and the pregnant should seek advice from the doctors first before taking it. In women, the substance helps in burning of fats and also increase libido. The intake of the Tribulus is standardized by the manufactures and researchers which is up to 1000mg.

If necessary you can combine the Peruvian maca with Tribulus because they assist each other. While maca encourages the production of hormones and libido, the Tribulus concentrate with testosterone and libido. You can learn more about Tribulus Terrestris on this page. In general, we can say Tribulus Terrestris is appropriate for fertility, testosterone production, restoring libido and power, increase in muscular and it facilitates hypertrophy. It is also highly recommended and it has natural aphrodisiac effects.

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